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Independent 6868 by Glow-worm

Posted by NealH on October 20th, 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

A fairly straightforward puzzle with just one I didn’t entirely follow (17 down) and one I thought seemed a bit weak (19 across).

1 Caterpillar: Cater + pillar + ref. to the Emperor moth (my initial thought was penguin, but that didn’t get me very far).
7 Opt: Op + t.
9 Noisome: Noise around OM.
10 Cocaine: Coin E (ecstacy) around ca.
11 Rasher: (r share)*.
12 Plumbago: Plum + Bag + O[liver].
14 Ode: OD + [laureat]e.
15 Reaganomics: Cryptic reference to former US President Ronald Reagan.
16 Green Wellie: Green + well + [pat]ie[nts].
18 Ami: M in AI.
19 Averages: I think this is just a double definition, although averages for sporting achievements seems a bit weak. I suppose a good average in cricket can be considered a sporting achievement.
20 Mastic: (I’m cast)*.
23 Inflect: (c left in)*. I’m not entirely sure if the definition is “change the ending” or just change. Since C is the first letter of chapter and not the last, I suppose it must be the former. Looking at the possible definitions of “inflect”, I think it must refer to the grammatical meaning where the end part of a verb is varied.
24 Iron age: cryptic def.
25 Yet: Hidden.
26 Lord’s Prayer: Lord’s player (Middlesex play some of their home matches at Lord’s) with l left out and replaced by r.
1 Centre of gravity: Cryptic def. I think the “vee” just refers to the fact that v is the middle letter of gravity.
2 Trieste: Tries on t[errac]e.
3 Rhone: R + hone. As well as meaning “to sharpen”, hone can also be a type of rock used for such a purpose.
4 Item: Met< on 4th letter of April.
5 Local Calls: Cryptic def.
6 Recompose: Com. in repose.
7 Origami: cryptic def.
8 The Coast is Clear: (Heretical acts so)*.
13 Pacesetter: P + ace setter.
15 Ring a bell: double definition.
17 En effet: Clue is “A point is this, in point of fact”.
18 Actuary: Actually with ll replaced by r. If you were being a bit pedantic, you could argue the actuary doesn’t take the risk personally – he just works out what it is.
21 Amour: Am (first person conjugation of “to be”) + OU (Oxford University) + R (rector).
22 Pits: Double definition. One of those that was fairly obvious, but required a dictionary to confirm. A pit can refer to the stone of certain types of fruit.

6 Responses to “Independent 6868 by Glow-worm”

  1. nmsindy says:

    You don’t see them so much today perhaps but the batting and bowling averages in cricket would be achievements all right, I’d say. I agree with you re INFLECT – like you, I do not understand EN EFFET apart from the definition.

    Enjoyable puzzle.

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    I’ve been confined to the paper edition for the past couple of weeks and so this is the first online puzzle I’ve seen for a while. Could I take this opportunity to thank Eimi for sneaking the setter and puzzle number into the online puzzle. My only worry is what happens when there is a setter with a long name? How about ‘1234…Across’ and ‘Setter…Down’?

    I read 24a as IRON+AGE (press+maturity) with ‘period’ as the definition.

  3. Colin Blackburn says:

    And, could 17 be somehow hinting at NE (point) in EFFET ?

  4. NealH says:

    The addition of a question mark on 24a pushed me towards thinking it was intended more to be cryptic. If it had just said “A period of press maturity”, I would agree with the straight “Iron + Age” intepretation, but the question mark implies it’s meant to be interpreted cryptically.

  5. Mick h says:

    I’m relieved to see the setters’ names appearing – not least because someone who’s only solved the Indy online up to now might be somewhat confused by 13 down!

  6. Colin Blackburn says:

    Surely the question mark is simply there to qualify one of the definitions? In this case ‘A period’ would seem to be a weak definition of IRON AGE. I really can’t see how this clue can be read as a ‘definition + charade’ without the question mark, but with the question mark the wordplay somehow disappears.

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