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Posted by Gaufrid on October 22nd, 2008


An interesting challenge from Cinephile today with the thematic answers all being Italian Renaissance artists. A couple (Lippi and Mantegna) I had not heard of before but these were easy to determine from the wordplay.

Cinephile has had me wondering, not for the first time, about the wordplay for one of the clues (6d).


1 TITIAN  when pa (father) is added to the front it sounds like partition (split) – Tiziano Vecelli

4 GIOTTO  GI (soldier) OTTO (engineer – Gustav Otto, German aircraft designer) – Giotto di Bondone

8 IMMERSE  I M (one mile) MERSE[y] (river – no unknown)

9 RAPHAEL  PH (pub) in LEAR (king) reversed – Raffaello Sanzio

11 TINTORETTO  T (model, as in Ford Model-T) INTO OTTER (river dweller) reversed – Jacopo Comin

12 REEL  dd

13 LIPPI  LIP (sauce) PI[e] (unfinished dish) – Filippo Lippi or his son Filippino

14 LEONARDO  LEO (sign) NARD (plant producing unction) O (love) – Leonardo di Ser Piero (or da Vinci)

16 MANTEGNA  GET reversed in MANNA (heavenly food) – Andrea Mantegna

18 TOWED  cd ‘to wed’

20 MEGA  MEG (girl) A (first)

21 BOTTICELLI  *(IOBC LITTLE) – Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, also know as Sandro Botticelli

23 CONFUSE  CON (study) FUSE (safety precaution)

24 ADULATE  A in ADULT (mature person) E (note)

25, 26 MICHELANGELO  EL (the, Spanish) in CHANGE (small coins) in MILO (Venus’s place, Venus de Milo) – Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni


1 TEMPI  hidden word in ‘sysTEM PIstons’

2 TREE TOP  TREE (genealogy) TOP (spinner)

3 ABSORBING  ABS (sailors) OR BING (crooner, Bing Crosby)

5 IDAHO  cd ‘I’d a house’

6 TOHEROA  is this TO HERO (protagonist) A with the definition simply ‘mollusc’? – an edible shellfish found at low tide buried in sandy beaches in New Zealand

7 OPEN-ENDED  OPEN (start) END (finish) ED (journalist)

10 STALWARTS  *(LAW) in STARTS (openings)



17 TRAFFIC  dd

19 WHEELIE  dd

21 BASTE  hidden word in ‘alaBASTEr’

22 LOTTO cd – Lorenzo Lotto

3 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES 12,905 by CINEPHILE”

  1. Octofem says:

    Hi Gaufrid. Thought you’d taken the morning off!! I enjoyed this puzzle immensely. I read 6d as you did. As to ‘Lippi’, it came easily because of the Browning poem, ‘Fra Lippo Lippi’. If you don’t know it, the full text is on Google. It was taught to me by an enthusiastic and eccentric English teacher, who instilled a love of literature in most of his pupils. Mantegna was new to me however.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Octofem
    Morning off? This blog was posted earlier than last week’s! With the darker mornings I tend to sleep for a bit longer so I am now solving the FT a little later than I did a month or two ago.

    Thanks for your concurrence with 6d. I spent about half an hour (another reason for the blog being slightly later than usual) trying to see if there was an alternative interpretation for this clue but to no avail.

  3. C G Rishikesh says:

    Hi Octofem,

    I too was reminded of Browning’s poem (monologue) when I saw Lippi in the blog.

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