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Financial Times 12,897 – Dante

Posted by Uncle Yap on October 23rd, 2008

Uncle Yap.

From Monday Prize Crossword on 13th October 2008
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

Yet another painless and entertaining introduction to a new week.

1 INFIRM Cha of IN (trendy) FIRM (company)
4 APLOMB Ap (rev of Pa, father) LO (see) MB (medical officer or doctor)
8 FENCING What an excellent dd
9 SEND OFF *(offends) Would you call this an &lit?
11 DEROGATORY *(a good tryer)
12 PEAL Ins of E (note) in PAL
13 BASTE dd
14 ASBESTOS Ins of BEST (none better) in A SOS (appeal)
16 BRACELET Cha of brace (couple) let (hired)
18 UNITS Ins of NIT (rev tin or can) in US
20 LISP Thelf-explanatory
23 STATURE Ins of R (right) in Statue (piece of sculpture)
24 WATCH IT *(a twitch)
25 RELISH dd
26 EDISON *(in odes) Thomas Alva Edison (1847–1931) was an American inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Edison is considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1,093 U.S. patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

1 IRENE Cha of IRE (passion) (o) NE
2 FACTORS *(Acts for)
3 RING A BELL Anyone can help me categorise such a clue?
5 PIETY Ins of E (East or major point on the compass) in PITY (compassion)
6 OEDIPUS cd alluding to a king of Thebes who solved the Sphinx’s riddle and unwittingly killed his father and married his mother. Oedipus complex is the attachment of a son to his mother with unconscious rivalry and hostility towards his father.
7 BUFFALOES Cha of buff (rub or polish) aloes (trees)
10 MONASTERY Ins of ON in Mastery (command)
13 BARRISTER cd Nice try to mislead solvers to think of Andy Murray sparring with Tim Henman before Wimbledon
15 BOULEVARD *(Louvre bad)
19 INSECTS What a superb &lit clue – cha of IN Sects (groups)
21 CARDS dd
22 ONION On-I-On

3 Responses to “Financial Times 12,897 – Dante”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    Sorry UY but I have to disagree with your comment regarding 8a. This clue is flawed since ‘fencing’ is something that may surround an enclosure but it is not the enclosure itself.

  2. Uncle Yap says:

    The clue is
    Sport enclosure (7) which I have said is a double definition
    Of course, there is no doubt about fencing being a sport.
    Now if I can construct a sentence with either word in and the sentence having identical meaning, then you must accept that fencing = enclosure.

    “Please stay within the enclosure/fencing” as advice to a new visitor to a village in a part of Africa where wild beast are known to roam. QED

  3. Geoff Moss says:

    OK, I should have checked more carefully before posting my previous comment (well, I had only just got up and my brain wasn’t fully in gear!).

    There is no justification under fence or fencing for fencing=enclosure in any of the three main references.

    However, Chambers does define enclosure as ‘that which encloses’ which is what a fence does and fencing has been defined as ‘fences collectively’ or a ‘series of fences’ so I accept that, in certain circumstances, the two words are interchangeable. I therefore withdraw my original comment.

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