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FT 12,906 Set by Falcon. October 23, 2008

Posted by Octofem on October 24th, 2008


A day late (Blame the uploaders!) Quite a pleasant puzzle but I personally would prefer fewer Proper nouns.
Late in the morning – blame me.  I typed it all and then managed to lose it, and had to re-type!


1.   FACE CARD – (cd. term for cards with person depicted, e.g. King, Queen. To lose face its to lose
                                   respect and a ‘card’ is an eccentric)
6    EFFECT – (dd, but this one worried me, as influence is surely ‘affect’ ?)
9.   DOMINO – ( tile in game of the same name, with spots, and ‘mask’)
10. NICKNAME – ( cd. ‘nick’ for ‘prison’ and ‘name for ‘term’.  Name given to the famous
                                   Victorian murderer of prostitutes)
11.  BASH – (b-ash.  ‘Have a bash for ‘make an attempt.’)
12. ALLEGIANCE – ( all-eg-iance)
14. ESCALLOP – ( <pose enclosing’call’.  Usually spelt ‘escalope’ but this spelling shows
                                      in some definitions)
16. & 18 OVERTAKE – ( as in a car, or ‘overtrump’ an excessive move in card game)
19. ENABLING – ( ena- bling.  Given in Chambers as ‘bling-bling’ for conspicuous jewellery, but usually
                                used in the singular today.)
21. EARLY RISER – (*is rarely <re)
22. HOLD – (h-OUSEHOLD-old)
24. GERSHWIN -(* swing he.  George Gershwin, or even his brother Ira, his lyricist)
26. TRUDIE – (‘true’ around DI’)
27. GRAMME – (hidden in DIA gram-meTRICAL)
28. EYE LEVEL – ( ‘eye’ for ‘organ’, ‘level’ for ‘even’.  The signature tune for the Van der Valk
                                 TV programme, which became a hit in its own right.)


2.   AROMA -(‘mo’ within ‘a RA’.  A wine’s bouquet is its aroma)
3.   EDITH CAVELL – ( * chalet lived.  First World War nurse, born in Norfolk, executed in Belgium
                                       for helping hundreds of Allied soldiers to escape)
4.   ADORABLE – ( a-dora-bUY-le)
5.  DONALD PLEASANCE – (* penned a so called – English actor , who died in 1995. Most
                                                     prolific film actor of his time, mainly playing villains and madmen.
                                                     Appeared in Bond films)
6.  ENCAGE -(e-n-cage.  John Milton Cage , influential, and experimental American composer)
7.  FAN (f-an)
8.  COME CLEAN – dd.
13. A DOLL’S HOUSE – (‘house’ as in people in a theatre. 1879 play by Henrik Ibsen, which caused a furore in
                                             its day as it questioned the  marriage norms of its time.
15. SHAMATEUR  – ( * ru team has – term coined to indicate a player claiming to be amateur, but
                                        receiving illicit payment)
17. MAGRITTE – ‘grit’ within ‘mate’.  Most famous of Belgian painters, died 1967)
23. LOIRE  –  ( ‘i’ within ‘lore’.)
25, 20 SAM BROWNE – ( ‘brown’ within ‘same’.  The leather belt and shoulder strap worn by British
                                              army officers.  Said to have been invented by an officer serving in India, who 

                                              lost an arm and needed a way to support his weapon.)

9 Responses to “FT 12,906 Set by Falcon. October 23, 2008”

  1. C G Rishikesh says:

    Often I write a comment and try to post it. But that doesn’t happen because the required fields Name and Mail were not entered. I press the back button but the text box is now empty – all that I had typed is gone!

    Clickety-clack again! Oh yes, I have a software that mimics the sound of the typewriter!

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    Good Morning (just!) Octofem

    6a If ‘influence’ was being used as a verb then I would agree that it should be ‘affect’ but what if it is a noun? Quoting COED (as a change from Chambers), effect can mean ‘an impression produced in a person’s mind’ and the example given is ‘his words had a soothing effect’ You could just as easily say ‘his words had a soothing influence’ without altering the meaning.

  3. Eileen says:

    Geoff – but if it doesn’t alter the meaning, it’s hardly a double definition and therefore not very clever, is it ? I’m with you, Octofem, in being upset by this.

  4. Geoff Moss says:

    Reverting to Chambers, there are two separate definitions (amongst others) for effect – ‘the result of an action’ and ‘the impression produced’.

    I agree that in some circumstances these can have a similar meaning but in others there are (albeit subtle) differences.

  5. Octofem says:

    Thank you Rish, for fellow-feeling. I was devastated when I simply tried to cut and paste and the whole post vanished.
    I often have trouble when I try to edit my post after comments from others. The site tells me ‘You cannot edit from this position’, or something of the kind. Can you, or anyone else explain this?
    Thanks also to Geoff and Eileen for ratiocination on ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. I tend to think it was a fairly awful clue. But maybe I am feeling ratty after my mishaps.

  6. Geoff Moss says:


    I get the same message when editing posts but only when the automatic backup is trying to save the file. After making the necessary amendments I am aways able to save the file manually.

    I always prepare the blog off-line and save it to my hard drive. I then copy-and-paste into this site and if anything goes wrong (as it sometimes does, eg the site crashing) then not too much effort is needed when starting again.

  7. Octofem says:

    Thanks for that ,Geoff. I have already decided that I shall have to be much more careful in future. The consequences are too dire for me to repeat the process.

  8. nmsindy says:

    The message ‘you are not allowed to edit this post’ has come up for me on several recent occasions when I was trying to do just that.

    However, it has always saved the changes without any difficulty just like before, despite the message.

    I’ve always edited using the ‘Write a New Post’ i.e. not written elsewhere and copied (except in the very early days) and have never had a problem losing data.

  9. Octofem says:

    Thanks for help, Nmsindy. I’ll try again next time it happens.

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