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Inquisitor 94 – E-numbers by Raich

Posted by duncanshiell on October 24th, 2008


We were told that there were twenty-one special clues, seven with wordplay leading to the answer plus an extra letter, seven with wordplay leading to the answer with one letter missing and seven with a misprint in the definition. Using the corrected letters in the misprints, these twenty-one letters in clue order would spell out two examples of a genre. Finally, we were told that a third example and the genre itself would appear in the grid and should be highlighted.

The title – E-Numbers – had, of course, nothing to do with food additives. Instead it referred to songs (numbers) by Elvis Presley (E) early in his career.

The twenty-one letters spelt out HOUND DOG and JAILHOUSE ROCK. The first ten letters of the diagonal running NW-SE spelt out EARLY ELVIS and rows two and three revealed HEARTBREAK HOTEL.

It took me a while to get the Elvis connection as I could see HOUND and DOG developing and there was also an ALSATIAN in the grid. So, for a time, I was thinking of dogs in general. It was the J of JAILHOUSE that finally got me onto the Elvis theme.

I enjoyed the clueing and learnt a few new words from the answers. The only clue that I can’t parse to my satisfaction is 29 across – VESAK. Indeed, it was V of ELVIS in the diagonal that confirmed for me that the answer was VESAK and not WESAK which is another spelling for the Buddhistfestival.


No. Entry Letter

Wordplay where different

Components of Wordplay

1 EFTS EFFORTS (struggles) without (fleeing) FOR = EFTS (newts = amphibians)
4 DRAISENE RAISE (lift) contained (in) in END (an outer district) reversed (withdrawn) = DRAISENE (dandy-horse = early bicycle without pedals)
10 HEAR -H EAR R (rule) after (beyond) EA (local dialect for a river) = HEAR (accede to)
12 REAK LEAK (let out) with L (left) changed to R (right), i.e. changing sides = REAK (obsolote spelling [i.e. at one time] of RECK = desire)
13 GERAH O chin/coin Hidden word (feature of) in …..stranGER A Handsome…. = GERAH (small Hebrew coin)
14 TELL U otter/utter T (first letter [originally] of Tarka) + L (left) contained in EL (wing, giving a building the shape of the letter L) = TELL (utter)
15 ORALLY O (love) + RALLY (banter) = ORALLY (using the mouth)
16 IRVINE IR (Irish) + VINE (plant) = IRVINE (reference toEddie Irvine, ex Formula 1 driver)
18 NOSEY -N OSEY O (first letter [hint] of Orris) + YES (indeed) reversed (comes back) = NOSEY (fragrant, having a nose or smell)
20 CLIP D holy/hold C (Catholic) + PIL (almost all of PILl) reversed (rejected) = CLIP (firmly hold)
22 DEAD SEA APPLE -D EAD SEA APPLE Anagram of APPEAL EASED = DEAD SEA APPLE (a fruit said to be fair to look at but turning to ashes when touched; thought to be agall = an abnormal fungal or insect borne growth on a plant)
23 ASTACOLOGIST Anagram of (versatile) COASTAL + O (old) + GIST (point [of a matter]) = ASTACOLOGIST (one who studies the science of crayfis h and its breeding)
28 OLEO -O LEO LEO (sign of the Zodiac) = OLEO (a print, short for oleograph)
29 VESAK HAVE + S (southern) + AK (State of Alaska) all without (cut off) A (after) = VESAK (a Buddhist festival). I obviously havent’t got this wordplay right as I still seem to have an H left.
31 GERMEN -G ERMEN FERMENT (tumult) without the first and last letters F and T (edging to avoid) = GERMEN (an obsolete [once] meaning of shoot)
33 OPIATE +J JOPIATE JO (a Scots word for a beloved one = sweetheart) + PI (confusion)+ ATE (swallowed) = (J)OPIATE (drug)
35 RIVO +A RIAVO AV (Authorised Version [of The Bible]) contained in (tossed into) RIO (Spanish word for river) = RI(A)VO (a drinking cry)
36 ESSIE -I ESSE ESSE (existence, being) = ESSIE (a diminutive of Esther, meaning star)
37 CEIL L pine/line Anagram of (gnarled) CHILE without (lacks) H (height) = CEIL (to line)
38 ECHO +H HECHO HE + C (first letter of [beginning] CRACK) + H (hard) + O (cipher) = (H)ECHO (code word for E in international radio communications)
39 OUTBREAK +O OUTBOREAK OU (French for where) + BOR (neighbour) contained in (drawn into) TEAK (wood) = OUTB(O)REAK (disturbance)
40 ACNE +U U and ACNE Anagram of (subtle) NUANCE without (missed) the first letter N (initially) = (U)ACNE (spots)


No. Entry Letter

Wordplay where different

Components of Answer

E (last letter [ultimately] of TRAINEE)+ G (good) + GON (grade) = EGG ON (encourage)

2 FAEROESE S inland/island FAERO (sounds like [heard] PHARAOH [old ruler]) + ESE (sounds like EASE [facility]) = FAEROESE (islanders – reference Faroe Islands)
3 SEALED E (European ) + ALE (drink), contained in (in) SD (Swaziland) = SEALED (set apart)
4 DAHL HAD (Scots [Aberdeen] word for hold) reversed (up) + L (last letter (ultimately) of FEEL) = DAHL (pulse)
5 ATTILA AT (first letters [leaders] of ANCIENT TROY) + ALIT (settled) reversed (up) = ATTILA (old king , reference Attila the Hun)
6 IBERIA P (Portugal) + E (Espana = Spain) = IBERIA (Reference Iberian peninsula comprising Spain and Portugal)
7 EEL REEL (draw in) without (with no) R (resistance) = EEL (fish)
8 NAAN E broad/bread MA’AM (address to royalty) with the end letters advanced by one (M to N) = NAAN (bread)
9 EKUELE Anagram of (playing) UKELELE without (abandoned) L (learner) = EKUELE (former unit of currency in Equatorial Guinea)
11 ROYCE ROYCE (reference Rolls Royce) thereby associated withROLLS (wads of money/notes in America) = ROYCE (engineer; partner within Rolls Royce)
17 IMPIS Middle letters(essentially) of WIMPISH = IMPIS (armed South African native warriors)
19 SATYR SAT (befitted) + YR (younger) = SATYR (sensualist)
21 ALSATIAN Anagram (beaten off) ASSAILANT without (not) S (succeeded) = ALSATIAN (a dog that may well beat off an assailant)
23 ANGICO ANC (African National Congress; the ruling political party in South Africa) containing (calling in) GI ([American] soldier) + O (old) = ANGICO (South American tree)
24 CLEVER R blight/bright EVER (always) below (south of) CL (Ceylon, old name for Sri Lanka and CL is still the International Vehicle Registration for Sri Lanka) = CLEVER (bright)
25 OENONE Anagram (around) of ONE + ONE (plain, unanagrammed [not around]) = OENONE (first wife of Paris of Troy)
26 LOOSE LOOS (Johns in the sense of John = lavatory) + E (final letter [at last]) of NECKTIE) = LOOSE (unfasten)
27 GEISHA +O GEOISHA GEO (George) + IS + H (hot) + A (about) = GE(O)ISHA (Eastern/Japanese girl trained to provide entertainment for men)
30 KEEVE Hidden (to some extent) in brOKE EVEn = KEEVE (a large tub,which can hold water)
32 EMEU +C EMCEU EMCEE (compere) with the third E (English) replaced by (for) U (first letter [starting to]) of URGE) = EME(C)U (flighltess, fast running Australian bird)
34 PECK K PEC CEP (mushroom) reversed (up) = PECK (eat)
35 RIT RIT (sounds like [we’re told] WRIT [legal document]) = RIT (Scottish word meaning to scratch)

5 Responses to “Inquisitor 94 – E-numbers by Raich”

  1. Wil Ransome says:


    I’ve sent the crossword in and seem to have lost the original clues, so I’m not sure about 29ac, but isn’t it ‘ve = have, with ‘after’ merely a filler?

    I liked this. Good clues, which all had decent surfaces and weren’t there simply to be got out of the way so that one could concentrate on the theme and what you have to do once the grid is filled in, as is in my opinion a criticism of a certain very popular crossword.

  2. HolyGhost says:

    VESAK: Clue was (I think) “Have Southern state cut off after a Buddhist festival”.
    I agree with Will Ransome the ‘VE = Have, and S = Southern, but if we take the state as AK = Alaska then the phrase “cut off after” is redundant.
    However, if we take the state as ARK = Arkansas then we get VESARK, and reading “after” as the comparative of “aft” we “cut off” a letter ‘nearer the stern’ of VESARK to get the entry – that way, all words in the clue are working.

  3. Geoff Moss says:

    Another possible interpretation is VE S A K[s] with ‘state cut off’ being K[s] (Kansas) which is put after ‘a’ and the definition is simply ‘Buddhist festival.

  4. Raich says:

    Many thanks to all for blog and comments. VESAK is ‘VE S AK AK = Alaska (state cut off – from the rest of the US) – ‘after’ indicates position.

  5. Raich says:

    PS The clue for VESAK was “Have Southern state cut off after festival” i.e. there was no ‘a’ or indeed ‘Buddhist’

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