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FT No. 12,912, Set by Sleuth, October 30, 2008.

Posted by Octofem on October 30th, 2008


Plenty to think about today.  The answers came fairly quickly but not always the explanations. 30a misled
me for a few minutes – I trust I now have it right.  Likewise 31a. No obvious theme but there is a fair amount of Eastern promise and a couple of animals.


1.     LOCUST – (‘lust’ around ‘oRDINARY.cITY’ – locusts formed one of the plagues of Egypt.).
4.     KEYBOARD – (‘key’ [vital -‘ board’ Thanks to Geoff for this correction from ‘Pegboard’.  Silly me!))
9.     ISRAEL – ( * i learNs – ‘n’ removed as end of TRADITIOn)
10.   NAGASAKI – (cd – nag a Saki.  SAKI was the pen name of Hector Hugh Monroe, a master
                             of short story writing at turn of the 19/20th century.)
12.   BRUSH OFF – (bISHOP-rush off.  if you give someone the brush-off you dismiss them)
13.   UPSHOT  – ( up-shot.  If you appear before a magistrate you are ‘up’ before the bench.
                               a motion picture is ‘shot’ or ‘filmed’.)
15.   CHAD – (‘hOT’ within ‘cad’)
16.  GAZELLE – ( gaze-ll-eNGLISH)
20.  QUALITY – ( ‘quay’ around ‘lit’ as in ‘The butterfly lit on a rose.’)
21.  TOFU – (first letters of tHING oRIENTAL fOODIES uSE)
25.  OCCUPY – (o-c-cup-y)
26.  PROLIFIC -(prolE-if-i-c.  ‘Prole’ is a term for worker or member of the working class)
28.  BOUNDARY – ( the inevitable cricket clue.  A boundary counts for four runs)
29.  INJURE – ( in -jurY-CASe)
30.  TRESPASS – (Tres- p- as-s.  ‘Tres'[with grave accent]- French (spoken in Nancy, Lorraine) for very –
                                 ‘ p’ for quiet – as [when] -sECOND.  This held me up for a while as I pursued
                                  ladies called Nancy and effeminate gentlemen!)
31.  RANDOM – ( Again I tried ‘romany’ and ‘nomad’ but believe it is simply ‘an – d’ within ‘rom’.)


1.    LAID BACK – (‘ l-aid- ‘back’ – football position.)
2.    CAROUSAL – ( ‘usa’ within ‘carol’ .  ‘carousal’ definition: ‘a noisy revel, drinking bout.’
3.    SEETHE -(‘ see-t-h-IS eXCELLENCY’. Not too happy about ‘see’ for ‘escort’ although an usher
                             sees someone to a seat.)
5.    EVAN  – (L-evan-T.  The place where the sun rises,i.e. The East, as well as the Mediterranean area
                                        given this name)
6.    BEANPOLE – ( *open lab-eUROPEAN)
7.    APATHY – ( a-pat-hOSTELRy)
8.    DAINTY – ( da-in-Sty.  fastidiously neat)
11.  AFFABLE – (a-ff-able)
14.  TEXTURE- (text-ure (Text as now used for writing message on mobile phone + river in Yorkshire.
                                The feel of a fabric etc.)
17.   PUMPED UP -( pp [Public prosecutor] around u-mp-*due)
18.   CONFOUND – ( co-n-f-o-und)
19.   SUN CREAM – (* cruise man- without ‘i’)
22.   WOMBAT- (‘womb-<TA’ – Womb where life is created, TA – territorial army.
                             a wombat is a short-legged marsupial)
23.   SCOUSE – ( s-c-ouse.  Pickle as in soused herring.  Amusing after yesterday’s
                               discussion of regional accents!!!
24.   GLINKA- (g-link-a – Mikhael Glinka,influential Russian composer.  There is a music prize named after

       him. Past winners have included Boridin and Rimsky-Korsakov.) 

27. EROS – (hidden in Hero=sHUNNING. Greek love-God)

4 Responses to “FT No. 12,912, Set by Sleuth, October 30, 2008.”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    Hi Octofem

    Yes, one or two to think about today. I think you will find that 4a is ‘keyboard’ rather than ‘pegboard’.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    Sorry but I have just noticed another clue where my entry doesn’t agree with yours.

    At 17d I have ‘jumped-up’ with the magistrate being JP. PP as an abbreviation for ‘Public Prosecutor’ isn’t recognised by Chambers, COED or Collins.

  3. Octofem says:

    I am sure you are right, although several online definitions gave Public Prosecutor as a synonym for ‘magistrate.’ I have always thought of ‘jumped up’ as ‘upstart, or parvenu’ rather than ‘arrogant’ but I see that Chambers gives both meanings.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle – I read it as JUMPED UP

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