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Independent 6878/Phi

Posted by John on October 31st, 2008


A typically nice crossword, but trickier than usual for Phi. Some long words were slow to come.

7 DOZE(n)
8 BOTTLENECK — I don’t really understand this — why wouldn’t you expect to find jam in the neck of a bottle? Because jam comes in jars, which don’t have a neck? Or does it refer to a style of guitar-playing which is not part of a jam session? Clutching at straws here.
10 TH(e) RIFT
12 CALL I(OP)E — new to me as a musical instrument
14 ENIGMA — (a (m(g)ine)rev.
15 SUPERANNUATED — (Peanuts unread)*
18 DRY ROT — dr (tory)rev.
20 OUTFIELD — (I felt)* in (duo)rev.
22 GLAD 1 OLI(d)
23 (t)RUCK US
25 PROS C(1)UT TO(o)
26 MO DE
1 J(ust) O(dd) S(eed) H(usks)
2 AERIAL — (l(air)ea)rev.
3 ABATTOIR — a bat (riot)rev.
4 PLAGUE — lag in (up)rev. e(pidemic)
6 SCALE MODEL I think — a scale model might be 1:25, and the scales of a fish
9 TRADE UNIONIST — r in (United Natio(n)s)* — isn’t a trade unionist simply a member of a trade union, not necessarily a workers’ representative?
13 AUSTRALORP — (Uproar last)* — had never heard of this and it was the last to go in, but once the checking letters were there it could only be this or AUSTROLARP
16 PARODIST — par((do)rev. is)t
17 ULTERIOR — u(role it)*r
21 (t)I(NCO)ME
24 oUR DUbious

5 Responses to “Independent 6878/Phi”

  1. C G Rishikesh says:

    In 8ac, the reference is probably to traffic jam/bottleneck.

  2. Paul B says:

    I think it’s simply as blogged – JAM is the definition, with an appended ‘cryptic comment’ re jam being from jars rather than bottles.

    Anyone else going down the road – sorry – of ‘jam jars in London’? No, okay.

  3. Paul B says:

    Sorry – meant to say above that the Australorp is in Collins, and is apparently a contraction of ‘Austral(ian Black) Orp(ington)’.

    That this clue makes an anagram with a relatively obscure word in a daily puzzle is of course not a problem unless you’re me – maybe I’m just embittered because I had to use the ‘reveal’ button.

  4. Testy says:

    I had to use the reveal button for AUSTRALORP too as none of the combinations of those letters looked plausible to me. I didn’t understand SCALE MODEL either but John’s explanation must be right (I guess the “?” must permit a lot more liberties than I gave it credit for). I also agree with the “jam not coming from bottles” theory.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Well-crafted puzzle, as always, from Phi. Not sure I see the problem with 9 down as trade unions generally represent workers.
    Re BOTTLENECK, had some doubts, but finally settled for the interpretation (1) traffic jam (2)jam in jam jars as distinct from bottles with a narrow neck. Thanks for explaining SCALE MODEL where I understood the 1:25 but not the rest.

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