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Independent 6883 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on November 6th, 2008


There’s a Nina/theme in this puzzle, which I refer to after the clue explanations.  Solving time, 16 mins

* = anagram < = reversed


1 SERF  frees< less the central e

4 TOWE(r) L

7 BU (M) F (f)


10 DISRAELI   19th century PM    (airs)* in (I led)<   an &lit touch also, I guess

11 (f)IN (TERN) AL

12 A TOM(e) I C

13 EVIL-MINDEDNESS  (sinned devils me)*

16 GATWICK AIRPORT  (I twig to car park)*

18 N EUR AL  Danny (La Rue)<



23 MON (A C) O

24 ES PY   first and last letters

25 NISAN   Hidden

25 O (BA) N


2 ELLE (French for ‘she’) N

3 FLAGEOLET   (Get all of e)*

4 THE INVISIBLE MAN   (Seen him in vital b)*   by HG Wells


6 LA(ST AND) FIRST MEN   stand in (terminal SF)*   by Olaf Stapledon  New to me and it was my last answer

8 MUL (TI-US) E R   suit<

14 VIGNERONS   (serving no)*  whisky from whisk (vb), I guess, as anagram indicator so nothing to do with the drink

15 ESPERANTO  (p notes are)*


19 (t)RUSTY


Theme/Nina   left and right columns spell SCIENCE FICTION, two examples of which are symmetrically placed in columns six and ten.    Very impressive that Phi achieved this without using obscure words in the rest of the puzzle.

8 Responses to “Independent 6883 by Phi”

  1. Testy says:

    I had three (minor) quibbles with this:

    24A for the cryptic reading to be grammatically correct this would need to say “are gutted” to indicate that they are both separately gutted to give ES and PY. If the two words were treated as a single entity then gutting it would just give EY

    19D if TRUSTY were “timeless” it would be RUSY: “timeless initially” might have been fairer.

    14D I wasn’t keen on the whisky anagrind but I can see where it’s coming from.

    Otherwise typically good from Phi.

    BTW, does today have some special Sci-Fi relevance? Or is something afoot for tomorrow? Or does Phi have the Saturday slot and Eimi doesn’t want to give him two days running?

  2. eimi says:

    1) Not as far as I know; 2) That would be telling; 3) No one appears twice in the same week.

  3. Fletch says:

    Is there any particular reason why some setters, e.g. Phi and Dac, have a weekly slot and others appear less frequently?

  4. eimi says:

    I inherited a team of setters, some of whom appeared weekly, and I was happy to continue this as they are consistently good, although Virgilius has since opted to go fortnightly. I also inherited some other setters and have introduced twelve new ones and have to juggle their appearances among the weekly ones.

  5. Fletch says:

    Thank you. It’s something I’ve often wondered.

  6. Phi says:

    In response to Eimi at comment No. 2

    1) Nor me
    2) How should I know?
    3) That’s what you think!

  7. eimi says:

    Re: 3

    No one has appeared twice in the daily puzzle from Monday to Saturday under my editorship, although Phi could appear 3 times in the same week if he sets the Inquisitor as well as the Beelzebub.

  8. nmsindy says:

    As an Indy solver since near the start back in the 1980s, I think I can remember only one instance where a setter appeared twice in the same week (daily puzzle only referred to). By coincidence, I think it was Phi. However, I think what seemed to be two separate setters (pseudonyms ALBIPEDIUS and LUCIFER) were one and the same and they would have have appeared together in many weeks – the late Richard Whitelegg.

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