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FT 12,919/Bradman: Un-12A-d

Posted by smiffy on November 7th, 2008


On of the more tractable of late from Bradman. Not that I’m complaining, as I was strapped for time this morning and feared a more protracted than average solving time. In the interests of not posting too late in the day (again!), I’ll post a skeletal, solutions-only blog here now and return to flesh it out later.

1 NOT,E(C)ASE – thelast to go in for me, due to slownessin realising “affluence” = ease
10 GO AL,O,NG – Personally, I’m more familiar with “Go ahead” or “Come along” in this context,but they’re all much of a muchness.
12 THEME – The only theme in this puzzle, from what I can see.
13 BRIDLEWAY – Homophone of “bridal”, and a no holds barred surface reading!
14 I,L-LUST,RATION -I’m curious as to where the device of the stuttering clue (to indicate a double letter) originated. In the interests of fairness, shouldn’t we occasionally hope to encounter other speech impediment clue, such as lisps?
18 A,MP,HIT,HEAT,RE – An impressively lengthy string of components, but a tad clunky.
21 HELIOSTAT -(I slot heat)*
23 DUN,CE – Dun = to pursue for payment, is a useful snippet to store away.  It usually needs dusting down for use at least a couple of times a year.
24 LOU(DES)T -I’m not the greatest fan of “little” to denote abbreviated forms of peoples names, but everything in moderation I suppose.
25 E-MOTION – “On the computer” is meant to suggest the prefix e-, as in Ebay.
27 ES(SEX) MAN – first time I’ve encountered “hanky panky” as a wordplay element and not an answer.

1 NEGATE – hidden
2 TRACER -double def’n
3 CHOU EN LAI – (Hanoi clue)*. , The first premier of China (People’s Republic incarnation) although probably better known with a Z instead of a C in his name.
4 SAGEBRUSH STATE – Most US states have signature flowers and insects (and in some cases reptiles!)
6 ANNU[-a]L
7 HOLY WRIT – (worthily)*. A apposite anagram.
8 WOR,RYING – (row)rev + [-t]rying.
15 A,E(RODROM)E – “doom-laden area”= Mordor, from the Lord of the Rings.
16 C(A,CHA)LOT -a.k.a. the sperm whale.
22 O,P,ERA – a simple but effective coda.

2 Responses to “FT 12,919/Bradman: Un-12A-d”

  1. Geoff Moss says:


    May I have my usual quibble please?

    5a ‘nibble’ and ‘chew’ are not synonyms judging by the definitions in Chambers

    10a surely ‘agree’ is ‘go along with’ rather than just ‘go along’

    21a a ‘heliostat’ is a device appertaining to light rather than ‘heat’ therefore this is not an &lit so where is the definition?

  2. Uncle Yap says:

    Geoff, as a non-native, I use a very simple rule vis-a-vis synonyms. I should be able to construct a sentence interchanging the two words/phrases and still retain the identical meaning. Applying this to the examples above

    He likes to chew/nibble the end of his pencil
    In answer to the question, “What say you?”
    I agree & I go along both convey identical meaning

    Chambers defines heliostat as “an instrument on the principle of the coelostat by means of which a beam of sunlight is reflected in an invariable direction, for study of the sun or for signalling”. I read it as “of the sun” which should encompass both heat and light.

    I hope this discussion has generates more of the latter :-)

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