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Private Eye/Cyclops 377 – Load of Balls

Posted by beermagnet on November 10th, 2008


If there is a theme to this crossword it is that Cyclops has used “Balls” in many clues in several different senses. Ed Balls naturally gets a thorough workout, and there are clues using the word in the sense of rubbish and circles etc. as well as merely providing letter fodder (e.g. 27A)

1 EYE WEAR Eye (organ) wear (friction)
5 ELECTOR (ETC)* Anagrind: developing  inside (ROLE)<
9 CHANCELLOR CHANCE (risk) (ROLL)< turn back
12 COWBOY Def.+ CD referring to cowboy builders etc. Excellect clue:
Traditionally macho type but maybe not one whose erection you could depend on? (6)
14/19 THE GREAT UNWASHED (SWEETHEART HAD GUN)* Anagrind: customised  A phrase that means the “Common people” in a derogatory sense
16 DEPUTY E[xhausted] P[arty] inside DUTY (task) Ref to Harriet Harperson Dep. Lead. Lab.
17 PLAGUE Pl. (abbr. for PLace) [h]AUGE (former party leader, not Hard)
21 CADILLAC (AC)< (Bill backed) DILL (herb) AC (bill)
23 WANGLE WAN[k] (LEG)* Anagrind: broken  This was an interesting clue because it brought to mind the Engineer Felix Wankel and his rotary Engine and for a short while I was trying to make Wankel fit the subsiduary clue but then realised the engineer here is a verb in the sense of contrive. Full clue:
Engineer gets to toss king off with broken leg (6)
25/11 SOD OFF SO (accordingly) DOFF (remove clothing)
26 UTTER TRIPE CD I needed a few crossing letters before seeing this:
Talk like politician Balls? (5,5)
27 ADDRESS [b]A[lls] (Balls second) D[ay] DRESS (shift) Tricky clue:
Balls second day shift talk (7)
28 ESCAPEE (CASE)* Anagrind: dismissed  PEE
2 YAHOO (HAY)< (backing Straw) OO (Balls)  By chance I noticed that Cyclops clued this in precisely the same manner in Crossword 373 – not that long ago
3 WINDBAG WIND (turn) BAG (slut)
4 ACETYLENE (LANCET EYE)* Anagrind: changes
6 LORDS DD The upper house and the cricket ground: “no stranger to spin”
7 CLOSE-UP LOSE (leave behind) inside CUP (jug’s receptacle)
8 OFF-CENTRE C[onservative] EN (measure) inside (EFFORT)* Anagrind: unusual  Very often when a Cyclops clue has a bracketed part looking like an additional afterthought, especially if it includes a question mark, it is the definition:
Unusual effort needed to comprehend Conservative measure (a bit leftish?) (3-6)
15 HALF-ARSED CD/DD Is it just me or did this answer just shout itself from this clue?
A singularly cheeky person would be inadequate (4-5)
16 DOWNWARDS [miliban]D OWN (admit) WARDS (hospital places)
18 GUILDER Homophone “gilder” Favourite clue. It certainly isn’t very often that I pick a homophone clue as my favourite, but this one had me stumped till all checking letters were in place and as the last I wrote in gave me great satisfaction:
One putting a gloss on broadcast: “Money no longer available” (7)
19 UNCUT DD No real need for the question mark on this clue surely:
Not pissed so kept in the film? (5)
20 SANGRIA SANG (AIR)* Anagrind: fresh
24 LAPSE Homophone “laps”

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