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Independent 6,888/Dac

Posted by Ali on 12th November 2008


Sorry for the late, quick blog. Busy day! Nice puzzle as always from Dac, some of which I found a little tricky

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Guardian 24544 / Auster

Posted by mhl on 12th November 2008


A fun puzzle, which wasn’t too difficult because of all but three of the across clues having anagrams. 10 down was much the hardest, I thought, since there was weak checking in the final word and I’d never heard the Australian slang before.

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FT 12,923/Gozo

Posted by smiffy on 12th November 2008


An earlier than usual online appearance online for this puzzle allowed me to solve before turning in for the night Stateside. All very accessible stuff, with the gimmick being a slew of longer answers decomposed into separate word pairings. This struck me as being a more rudimentary variation on the theme of “Printer’s Devilry” type clues (as seen occasionally in the world of advanced cryptics).

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