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Azed 1902: grin and snore

Posted by bridgesong on November 16th, 2008


A straightforward puzzle this week, with a fair proportion of unfamiliar words.  Nevertheless, it’s worth making the point that Azed puzzles can in fact be easier to solve than a daily cryptic, as long as you are prepared to use Chambers to verify your guesses.  The wordplay, although often ingenious, is scrupulously fair, and the generous checking is a  great help.

Time taken: an afternoon.

1 FATTRELLS “ferret tails” minus i,e, and r A well-disguised compound anagram
7 TOSS two meanings
10 LORN r in Lon(don)
11 EXECRATE (River) Exe + crate
12 ADUNC A + dun + c A weak surface reading, using an
adjective as a noun
13 MICRA Hidden in atomic


15 VANQUISHER Qu in vanisher
17 IN ONE O in inn + e(veryone)
21 ENGRENAGE *gear shift less i
22 RICINULEI ricin + ule + i
23 GREGE eg in gre(y)
28 ANASTIGMAT *against + mat The anagrind is “buffed”
29 RAT ON r + a + ton “Shop” is the definition, in a very subtle clue
30 SNORE Hidden snore is the third meaning of rout
in Chambers
31 INCIDENT in CID + *net
32 GRIN gr(a)in
33 ASAR as(rev) in Ar(abia)
34 CRYOSTAT *a story in ct
1 FLAVA Hidden
2 AO DAI *Aida +O(pera) This term came up in last month’s
Guardian Genius crossword, which
helped me a little
3 TRUNK Three definitions
4 RECUR ecu in RR
5 EXTINGUISHER *thin sex urge + i
6 LESSER LITANY *yells Stainer
7 TRIENNIA rien in ain’t(rev) To understand this clue, you have to
know that a subsidiary meaning of
“lustre” is a five year period
8 STRINGY ring in sty The reference is to the poem “The
Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward
, but that has the piggy-wig
with a ring in his nose standing in
a wood, not a sty
9 SEA REED (Dun)e in seared
14 CROAT r in coat, and *actor Unusual to have two pieces of
wordplay for one simple word
16 PEIGNOIR i in peg + noir
18 ARGYRIA *gray +


19 KIRPANS pan in *risk One of the five Ks worn by devout
20 SCEAT c in seat
24 VISTO vis +to
25 AMORT A + mort Mort can mean a loose woman
26 MARIA M + aria The plural of mare, meaning a “sea”

on the moon

27 STENT ten in st(one)

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