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Independent 6894/Dac

Posted by John on November 19th, 2008


As always with Dac, clue after clue hits the button.

1 SUBJECT — 2 defs
5 DA(STAR)D — although the similar word with a different initial letter has a similar meaning, at least in one sense, there seems to be no etymological connection between the two
9 A (learne)R GOT
11 PORTRAIT GALLERY — (RA it) in (port (largely)*)
14 THEATRE — a lecture theatre and a general word for lots of plays, but I’m not sure — this seems a bit thin
16 TITANIC — (Tati)* Nic(e)
19 RIG H(T)E’D
23 LEICESTER — (I select)* (stal)e (chedda)r
24 A(narchic) G(angs) G(et) R(ollicking) O(ver)
26 EX AC T(e)L(l)Y
2 BOGARDE — “beau guard”
3 (r)ENTER — no sloppiness here — Dac makes sure we remove the first and not the second r
4/5 TURKISH DELIGHT — (kid the girl shut)*
7 AUGMENT — Aug “meant”
8 DINKY — to my surprise this (double income no kids) is in Chambers 2003, also the COD (but not Collins). I’d always thought the y stood for yet, but not apparently.
13 AD NAUSEAM — (Sue Amanda)*
15 END O(f) S(urgeon) COPY
17 TIE LINE — “Thai line”
18/19 CAPITAL RESERVE I think, in that London is the capital and to reserve is to book, but I can’t find the term in any of the dictionaries
20 T(HOUGH)T — a rare occurrence of an unusual word (hough), at any rate in an unusual spelling, but the lovely surface justifies this
22 CenTRAL America

6 Responses to “Independent 6894/Dac”

  1. Testy says:

    14A I read as “Here a lecturer works and [here] plays” as in, “here you would find plays”.

    11A I still can’t quite see how the insertion is indicated. Is it “fixed”? If so then in what sense does “fix” mean to insert.

    8D I initially read this as “Dainty”=definition, “woman, say,”=DI, “with no children”=NKY (short for “No Kids Yet”) but I thought it a bit weak as I thought NKY only existed as “No Kids Yet” as part of the DINKY acronym. I now realise it’s supposed to be a double def though.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    One of the definitions for ‘fix’ in Chambers is ‘to drive in’ so ‘fixed’ becomes ‘driven in’ or ‘inserted’.

  3. Al Streatfield says:

    Great puzzle. Only vague quibbles are with two clues mentioned already: DINKY- never heard of the acronym.

    In PORTRAIT GALLERY, “has” fits rather awkwardly with the syntax. Clue is: “Exhibition centre left largely untidy- artist has it fixed”.

    I think it would be better as: “Exhibition centre left largely untidy- artist having it fixed”.

  4. mhl says:

    Excellent puzzle – I really enjoyed this.

    Does this sense of “eyewash” have any relation to “hogwash”? I hadn’t heard that meaning before.

  5. Uncle Yap says:

    Ahem! Uncle Yap is about to reveal a dark secret (please do not tell John Cleese) … yes, he is a Chartered Accountant and “capital reserve” is an accounting/financial term meaning

    Resource created by the accumulated capital surplus (not revenue surplus) of a firm, such as by an upward revaluation of its assets to reflect their current market value after appreciation. Allocating such sums to capital reserve means they are permanently invested and will not be paid as dividends.

    In short, it is a store of the corporate wealth

  6. moonmonkey says:

    Tra-la … expression of joy?

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