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Private Eye/Cyclops 378 – Guidelines

Posted by beermagnet on November 24th, 2008


The theme this time is the recent 25A perpetrated by 5A/21 and 15A/8 which 8D and embarrassed the 11A. One of them has jumped ship before he 1D. The other has been suspended in a 14D move by 11A. They were probably 12D. No doubt a few 3Ds chipped in with soundbites.

Although this suffered the perennial problem with themed puzzles – finding the theme, which is pretty obvious from any one of the linked answers, means a bunch of answers can be written in quite swiftly – it was still a nice enjoyable puzzle.

5/21 JONATHAN ROSS Ref Jonathan Swift (Swift, perhaps) [d]ROSS (Rubbish, no depth)
9 ATE OUT DD I might baulk at elucidating but there may be a few cunning linguists out there who could explain more
10 LACROSSE L.A. CROSS (pissed off) [lucr]E My daughter had to play this at her school. As I understand it she normally ran to a corner and hid for the duration of the game – I’m sure I’d do the same.
11 BEEB palidromic slang for the BBC
12 HANIF (FASHION – SO)* AInd fickle  Not sure what Mr Kureishi has done to end up in such potty-mouthed company
13 RIFT R[ight] IF (providing) [socialis]T
15/8 RUSSELL BRAND “RUSTLE” (Take stock) Brand (mark) This was the way in to the theme for me
17 TROPICS (PRO)* AInd: off inside TICS (jerks)
19 CHIN CHIN[k] Phil the Greek is well-known for his inappropriate references to foreigners
20 DICED C[ameron] inside DIED (went badly with audience) Nice misdirection to make us think it was a homophone clue
22 ADENAUER [bl]A[ir] (DUE NEAR)* AInd: distraught   Ref. Konrad Adenauer leader of the model post-war West German democracy
24 SALIVA (LISA)*,V,A AInd: broadcasting
26 DOCTRINE Homophone “doctorin'” This was the typical “just one I can’t get” until I looked at it again the next day, and I rate this as a good homophone due to the dropping on the “g” in the clue word. Equal-favourite clue:
Principle of gettin’ castrated if articulated? (8)
1 GOT THE PUSH (UP THE GHOST)* AInd: giving … maybe I’m no fan of anagram phrases where common words like “THE” appear unchanged in both fodder and answer
2/18 SHIT SCARED SHITS (Arses) CARED (were concerned)
3 LABOUR MP PM< after LABOUR (work) Possibly the hardest clue in the puzzle due to the misleading (to me) letter count. I know 2 can be justified and 1,1 would be a big giveaway, but it always fools me for some time. I was lucky enough to get all the checking letters here before worrying too much about it. Full clue:
Brown turned up after work as one dreading the next election? (6,2)
4 ODDS D[ogs] in (SOD)* AInd: off I’m a little unsure of the definition of ODDS as BITS but I suppose the phrase “odds and ends” equates to “bits and pieces”
6 A-BOMB (OBAMA swap an A for a B)* AInd: mixed Here’s an example of a letter count (1-4) being something of a giveaway thus it took me far longer to work out the wordplay then the answer
7 NYLONS (ONLY)* AInd: screwed then N[acreou]S
8 BACKFIRED B[ar]ACK FIRED (excited)
14 FACE SAVING Mug, putting money in the bank
16 SON-IN-LAW (A N WILSON)* AInd: screwed up I wonder if the prolific scribe’s father-in-law ever noticed?
21 RULER DD Most rulers are plastic these days – doesn’t stop this clue being a cracker. Equal-favourite clue:
Twelve-inch woody, perhaps, for Brenda? (5)
24 SUCK SUCK[er]

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  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    I enjoyed how much thematic material Cyclops managed to cram in to this one. I broadly agree about the puzzle in general, so easier than usual for me due to the theme.

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