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Financial Times 12,926 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on November 27th, 2008

Pete Maclean.

FT Weekend Prize Puzzle from November 15
This proved for me to be the easiest Cinephile puzzle I have done in a long time and one of the best.

1. RIGOLETTO – RIG (costume) + O (ring) + LET (hire) + TO (to)
6, 9. MODUS VIVENDI – MOD (contemporary) + US (American) + VI (sextet) + VEND (market) + I (one)
10. EXCUSED – EX (former) + CU (copper) + S[team] + ED (journalist)
11. DIEGO – DIE (depart) + GO (depart). Funny how place names strike one. I have visited San Diego several times and it never occurred to me that there actually was a saint for whom the place was named!
12. DAMP SQUIB – DAM (barrier) + anagram of PUBS IQ. Hmm, seems a difficult term to clue.
15. TRENDSETTER – T (time) + REND (savage) + SETTER (Cinephile)
17. NEW LEARNING – [o]NE + LE (the French) in WARNING (notice)
20. EIGHTIETH – TIE (secure) in EIGHT-H (HEIGHT with H moved to the end)
22. EAGER – AGE (how old I am) in ER (not sure)
24. TRADE IN – DE (successive notes) in TRAIN (transport)
26. SATIETY – A (one) + TIE (article of clothing) in STY (pigs). Is it a stretch to use “sty” to clue pigs?
27, 23. ROLLS ROYCE – anagram of LORRY CLOSE. Nice!
28. BANBRIDGE – BAN (prohibit) + BRIDGE (card game)

1. RAVED – AV (Bible version) in RED (colour)
2. GIVE EAR – IVE (I’ve) in GEAR (transmitter)
3, 13. LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN – anagram of THIS ENGLAND FIND MOUTH. Yes, a good bit further north!
4. THIRD DEGREE – double/cryptic definition. A beauty.
5, 14, 19, 25. ONE FOR HIS NOB – ON (on) + E (drug) + FOR (supporting) + HIS (call?) + NOB (toffee-nosed person). This expression, which I was not familiar with, comes from Cribbage (hence “call with card”) and is also slang for a tip.
6. MUCUS – reverse hidden word
7. DISRUPT – DISR[aeli] + [o]U[t]P[u]T
8. SIDEBURNS – SIDE (team) + BURNS (poet)
14. FAN LETTER – AN (article) + L (left) in FETTER (bond)
16. EGG BEATER – anagram of GET BARGEE
18. WAGTAIL – WAG TAIL (show one’s happy)
19. HOGWEED – HOG (take all) + WEED (tobacco)
21. TRESS – [for]TRESS

3 Responses to “Financial Times 12,926 by Cinephile”

  1. Wil Ransome says:

    So long ago now, Pete, that you’ve probably not got the original. 6dn (Succumb partially, when climbing, …, with the answer MUCUS) looks to me like a mistake, unless there’s something very devious going on that I don’t understand. I’m surprised nobody commented at the time.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Actually I do have the original and just dug it out. And I must agree; interpreting “partially” in the way that one normally would does not allow one to extract “mucus”. So, is it Cinephile’s mistake or are we missing something? Or is Cinephile deliberately bypassing conventions?

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    My guess is that Cinephile is deliberately bypassing conventions. As he tends to do, although this doesn’t seem to stop lots of people worshipping him.

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