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Guardian Genius 65 by Enigmatist

Posted by duncanshiell on December 1st, 2008


Another BOB DYLAN crossword, overlapping a recent Listener, although I am not sure why the focus was on Dylan in November. It’s not his birthday nor any other particular anniversary that I can detect.

We were told simply that ‘six undefined answers all played a version of a seventh in an eighth’. My initial instincts were to think of the theatre or films, but as explained below I didn’t home in on the right film immediately.

The theme was the August 2007 film I’M NOT THERE. The title is taken from a previously unreleased 1967 recording. In the film, six actors or actresses play six different characters representing various aspects of Dylan’s life. All of the thespians are spelt out in the Down answers, in clue order – RICHARD GERE, CHRISTIAN BALE, HEATH LEDGER, BEN WHISHAW, MARCUS CARL FRANKLIN and CATE BLANCHETT.

I haven’t done Guardian crosswords for some time, so I am not in tune with the cluing style of Enigmatist. As a result, it took me a while to understand some of the clues, but I think I have got a fairly accurate explanation of all but one. I am not sure how the leading B and the final W in BEN WHISHAW fit into the clue. I have guessed at B referring to paper sizes, but the W completely eludes me. Maybe it’s to do with seeing something in black and white or down on paper? I am also a bit unsure of my explanations of ICTAL, and BOB DYLAN.

Films are not one of my strong points so I didn’t immediately home in on Dylan, even although I had deduced I’M NOT THERE as an answer early on. I had BALE and LEDGER as well at that point, so I spent some time looking at BATMAN casts before I hit on the Dylan theme. From then on the Down answers were fairly simple.

I enjoyed the challenge of Enigmatist’s clues as the misdirection was excellent in many cases. The definitions demonstrated an entertaining use of lateral thinking.

Answers to standard clues involving both definition and wordplay are explained in BLUE below. The wordplay in thematic elements, which were clued without definition, are displayed in different colours.

No. Entry

Components of Wordplay

1 CARAFE A (one) + R (run) contained in (into) CAFE (eatery) = CARAFE (bottle)
4 BACILLI BILL (request for money) containing (receiving) AC (account, another request for money) + I (another one) = BACILLI (causes disease)
9 RECTA Anagram of (appealingly) CATER = RECTA (terminal part of large intestine, or end of ‘food course’)
10 HALF-CROWN Anagram of (devastated) RANCH WOLF = HALF-CROWN (2/6 in pre-decimal coinage [12.5p]; i.e. old money=old ready)
11 JACKLIN J (judge) + TACKLING (handling, without letters at beginning and end [endlessly]) = JACKLIN (ref Tony Jacklin, a British golfer most successful in the 1970s/1980s)
12 RED-HOT Anagram of (in a tizzy) OTHER D (daughter) = RED-HOT (very sexy)
16 END Hidden word in (prisoner of) ZENDA = END (kill)
17 ICTAL I + (later)C (caught) + TAL (reference Mikhail Tal, world chess champion, 1960/61hence ‘good at mating) = ICTAL (stroke)’
18 BASH BA’S (Bachelor of Arts’, Graduate’s) + H (hard) = BASH (hit)
20 WHEN W (with) + HEN (Scots [northern] word for challenge) = WHEN (one may ask a mother when [the baby is due] [?])
21 AMNIO Anagram of (panicking) NAOMI = AMNIO (short for amniocentesis [a test of the condition of a baby, or future issue, in the womb])
22 HER HERE (present) without the final letter E (unwrapping) = HER (female)
24 ICE CAP I + C (see) + reverse of (taking back) PACE (step) = ICE CAP (permanent covering of ice, always a cool head)
25 CHIDDEN SOLD = SCOLD without the C i.e. C is HIDDEN = CHIDDEN (scolded, having been the object of a scold)
28 HANDCRAFT H (hot) AND C (cold) (the visual representation of taps) + RAFT (large number) = HANDCRAFT (art)
30 LEGGY L (novice) + EGGY (about to lay) = LEGGY (having noticeably long slim legs, presumably like Shirley MacLaine)
31 WOE IS ME WE (Enigmatist’s fellow compilers) containing (took in) an anagram of SOME I (mistakenly) = WOE IS ME (Enigmatist describing himself as cursed)
32 ON A RUN Double definition – 1. Training for marathons (or any other distance …..) and, 2. consecutively = ON A RUN


No. Entry Components of Wordplay
2 RICHARD GERE RIRE (French word for ‘laugh’) containing (about) (CHARD [Somerset town] + reverse of [on return)] EG (example, say) = RICHARD GERE
5 CACHET ACHE (pain) contained in (going into) CT (court) = CACHET (characteristic)
6 LEO Hidden word (implied by ‘s) in NAPOLEON = LEO (sign of the zodiac)
7 I’M NOT THERE Anagram of (compostion revealed) INTRO THEME = I’M NOT THERE
8,4 CHRISTIAN BALE CHRISTIAN (Mutineer [reference Fletcher Christian, Mutiny on the Bounty]) + BALE (package) = CHRISTIAN BALE
13 HEATH LEDGER (LED [was in charge of] + G ([force (of gravity)]) contained in (going through) HEATHER (ling) = HEATH LEDGER
14 BEN WHISHAW B (paper size?) + anagram of (organised) HAS HE WIN + W (I don’t understand why) = BEN WHISHAW
19 BOB DYLAN B (bishop) in BODY (i.e not just in spirit, but in body as well?) + L (long) + A (single) + N (name) = BOB DYLAN
23,1,3 MARCUS CARL FRANKLIN Anagrams of (getiing out of; implicated) NICK and CLAN’S RURAL FARM = MARCUS CARL FRANKLIN
27 CYAN Reverse of (up) NAY (no) + C (clubs) = CYAN (colour)
29 KNEE K (Kelvin, unit of temperature scale) excluded from (out) KNEE (a joint that bends = bender) = NÉE (used to be called)

2 Responses to “Guardian Genius 65 by Enigmatist”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    14d ‘on paper’ = ‘in Black and White’

  2. mhl says:

    Thanks for the excellent post on this puzzle.

    I thought the (extremely difficult) clue for WHEN alluded to the expression “Shall I be mother?” when serving drinks, and that you might “say when” to the person serving you.

    I was a bit confused by ICTAL as well, and guessed that “Later” meant to put “caught one good at mating” (C + TAL) after the next part of the clue (“I”).

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