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Financial Times 12940 / Armonie

Posted by C G Rishikesh on December 2nd, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

A very enjoyable puzzle. I got bottom half first, then top right and finally top left (it was the same pattern with yesterday’s Guardian crossword).


1 PANTHEON – pan, the, on – pan, v. as in ‘pan the camera’
5 TROPIC- t(R)opic – R is for Regina (or ‘rani’!)
9 LAMBSKIN – Lamb’s, kin – ref. to Charles Lamb, more popularly known as Elia, author of such classic essays as “Dissertation on a Roast Pig”, “Dream-children”, and “The Superannuated Man”)
10 MALAYA – M(a, lay)A – ‘place’, v. gives ‘lay’
12 CARPENTER – Car(pen)ter – pond.n. gives ‘pen’ – ref. to Jimmy Carter, U.S. President from 1977-81
13 REMIT – rev. of ‘timer’ – ‘remit’ also means ‘terms ofreference’ – I don’t know how ‘instructions’ fit in. Comment invited.
14 SHED – two def. – slough, v. (false capitalisation in Slough)
16 PANTIES – pan, ties – ‘slag’ or ‘pan’ is ‘scum’ – Is the surface reading of the clue all right?
19 OBSERVE – OB (old boy), serve
21 DEER – Dee, r. (‘river’ as in maps) – ‘Does’ in wordplay is n., female deer – Anyone who comes across the ploy that is used in this clue for the first time will be thrilled. But I have met this before in Rufus’s 13x syndicated crossword.
24 PLEAD – P, lead (v.) – usher, v. = to lead
25 GLADIATOR – anag. of ‘Girl at a do’ . One need to just look at the anag. fodder to solve the clue.
27 SHINTO – S(hint)O – ‘help’ is rather a far-out synonym for ‘hint’
28 SOFTWARE – anag. of ‘for waste’ – Good clue.
29 RAKISH – raki, SH (‘secondhand’)
30 ENTRANCE – two def. – delight v. gives ‘entrance’ – one makes an appearance when one makes an entrance ( As ‘appearance’ has a large part of the light in it, some other word could have been used.


1 PALACE – pal, ace – intimate, n.
2 NO MORE – anag. of ‘Monroe’
3 HASTE – (c)haste – from celibate, adj.
4 OMITTED – O.(mitt.)E.D.
6 REARRANGE – rear, range
7 PEARMAIN – Pea, R, main – R. is from L. recipe – take (Doctors used to have this abbr. in the prescriptions that they wrote but now they are too busy to do so). The answer-word was new to me.
8 CHASTISE – ‘sti’ (rev. of ‘sit’) in ‘chase’
11 GRIP – two def.
15 HERODOTUS – hero, dot, us – Greek historian, called Father of History ( c. 484-c. 425 B.C.)
17 COMPOSER – compos(t)er
18 ASTERISK – anag. of ‘Skater is’
20 EDGE – ‘hidden’ in ‘landED GEntry’
21 DRAGOON – drag(o.)on
22 STRAIN – st(R)ain – R is for ‘rook’ in chess notation – false capitalisation in ‘Mark’
23 BREEZE – Ez. in ‘bree’ (anag. of ‘beer’)
26 INTER – (pa)inter- false capitalisation in ‘Bury’

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