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Guardian 24,562 – Gordius

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 3rd December 2008

Ciaran McNulty.

I almost forgot I had to do this today, subsequently I had to solve it over lunch which added a bit more pressure than normal!  I consequently can’t be too objective about its difficulty but it seemed reasonably easy.

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Financial Times 12,941 by Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on 3rd December 2008


After last week’s slightly disappointing puzzle, this one from Cinephile was most enjoyable. Verging on difficult in places (no pun intended), particularly with some of the Italian towns, but a very good challenge. If you enjoyed this puzzle (and have slightly masochistic tendencies) then I can thoroughly recommend this month’s Guardian Genius by Cinephile’s alter ego, Araucaria.

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Independent 6906/Dac

Posted by neildubya on 3rd December 2008


Excellent as ever from Dac but I’m not sure about 1d and 21. Read the rest of this entry »

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