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Financial Times 12,943 by Bradman

Posted by Gaufrid on December 5th, 2008


A reasonably gentle end to the working week, with only a couple of relatively obscure words (18a and 11d). OK, 18a isn’t perhaps all that obscure because I knew it from previous crosswords but I had not come across 11d before.

I was unable to confirm the phrase in 6d and I had a slight query with regard to the definition in 7d since ‘Anglican’ is not included in the Chambers definition for ‘episcopacy’ and its derivatives. However, COED does include an entry for ‘Episcopal Church’ which is defined as ‘the Anglican Church in Scotland and the US’.

1 SCHOONER  C (about) H[arbour] in SOONER (ahead of time)
5 MISERS  ER (hesitation) in MISS (avoid)
9 CARTHAGE  ART (sculptures maybe) HAG (old woman) in CE (church) 
10 ATRIUM  U (university) in A TRIM (a cut)
12 ROWER  ROW (line) ER (queen)
13 RECHERCHÉ  RE (about) CHER (dear, in French) CHE (revolutionary)
14 DREAMY  DR (medic) E (eastern) AMY (girl)
16 PROSPER  S (son) in PROPER (respectable)
18 ECHIDNA  CHI (Greek character) in EDNA (woman) – a member of the genus Tachyglossus of Australian toothless, spiny, egg-laying, burrowing monotremes (also called spiny anteater)
20 BATTLE  TT (against booze) in BALE (old evil)
23 GHANA  hidden in ‘rouGH ANAchic’
24 EVINCE  EVI[l] (endless wickedness) N[i]CE (gratifying with no one)
26 DIGEST  DIG (sarcastic remark) EST (is, in French)
27 INNER MAN  hidden in ‘dINNER MANaged’

1 SECURE  SE (home counties) CURE (the answer) – ‘answer’ = ‘cure’ is not directly supported by the definitions in the three usual references but it is in everyday use in the sense of ‘remedy’ or ‘solution’ so I am not going to quibble about this one
3 OTHER  [b]OTHER (trouble)
4 EAGERLY  GE[t] in EARLY (before starting time)
6 IN THE POST  cd – I am assuming this is the right answer, it is the only phrase I can think of that remotely fits the clue
7 EPISCOPALIANISM  *(A MANS PI POLICIES) – why ‘Anglican principle’, don’t other religions have Bishops?
11 SCUP  [net]S CUP (vessel) – the northern porgy, a common marine fish of Atlantic coastal waters of N America
17 WELL READ  cd
19 AIDA  AID (financial assistance) A – that opera, so beloved by crossword setters, yet again! There are other words that would fit the pattern ‘A_D_’ , such as ‘awdl’.
20 BARGE IN  BAR (forbid) homophone of ‘gin’ (drink)
21 CANNON  ANN (woman) in CON (study)
23 GRAVE  G (good) RAVE (party)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 12,943 by Bradman”

  1. Eileen says:


    As an Anglican myself, with a late Scottish Presbyterian [i.e. not Episcopalian] husband, I won’t enter your debate re 7dn. [It was a clever anagram and surface, though.]

    I just wanted to say that I liked 15dn, with its unusual and misleading use of ‘we hear’.

    I can’t make head or tail of 6dn.

  2. Paul B says:

    It might not be something that hits you immediately, but suggest CD for 6dn. If in the post, a communication is ‘going along (being delivered) with much (a lot) that has been written’.

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Paul
    Yes, that is the way I read it. I was just a little concerned that this clause did not appear to be supported by any of the standard references and that I might be missing something obvious (or obscure :-)

  4. Paul B says:

    A person of your abilities would not miss much, I reckon!

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