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Independent 6910 by Math

Posted by NealH on December 8th, 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

It was good value today, with a lot of clues. Most were fairly straightforward, with many easy-to-spot anagrams, but there were a few harder clues sprinkled in. It took me a while to understand 1 across and 13 across.

1 Buried: u[ndertake]r + i in bed (resting).
4 Treasure: (reuse art)*.
10 Lop: LP around 0.
11 Latin: ([i]n ital[y])<.
12 Umber: [N]umber (no is short for number).
13 Bling: Quite a tricky one, made more difficult by the fact that large is usually “l”, but not here. It’s actually big with ln (an abbreviation for the mathematical term natural logarithm) split in two and placed around the “i”.
14 Old Bailey: (i.e. lob lady)*.
16 Utensil: hom. of you + listen*.
17 Verismo: Hidden in “ever is modernising”. Verismo.
20 Soursop: (or soup’s)*.
23 Alights: (this gal)*
25 Sales slip: SA (sex appeal = it) + less lip.
27 Earls: (Lear’s)*.
28 Gleam: Glam around E, with glitter as the def. A very neat clue, especially since glam rock is the type of music for which Gary Glitter used to be famous (before he became notorious for other things).
29 Berne: bee around R[ussia]n.
30 Lei: Hidden in “double indemnity”.
31 Extremer: I think it’s ex + TR around REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers). I’m not quite sure what the point of “rarely” is. Perhaps it just means that extremer isn’t used to mean more radical very often.
32 Aldrin: (Ir[e]land)*. Buzz Aldrin was, of course, an astronaut.
1 Belabours: (bob + earls)* around U. Earls was the solution to clue 27.
2 Reptile: Rep + tile. Refers to a monitor lizard.
3 Eulogises: Cryptic def (late = dead).
5 Ran: Ran[d].
6 Aruba: A rub a.
7 Unbolts: (slob + nut)*.
8 Early: Earls with s changed to y.
9 Stroll: st + roll.
15 Div: (VI + D)<.
18 Raise hell: (see hair)* + ‘ll.
19 Obsession: Double def. To have a thing about something is to be obsessed and Obsession is a Calvin Klein perfume.
21 Ugliest: Ugli (a kind of hybrid fruit) + est (“is” in French).
22 Pal: Double def. PAL is a European format for sending analogue TV signals (NTSC being the equivalent US standard).
23 Ampere: ere on a MP.
24 Hurdler: Hurd + l + ER. Refers to Douglas Hurd.
25 Segue: E.g. in Sue.
26 Somme: A very good &lit – initial letters of “site of major military engagements”.
29 Bye: Be around y. Another excellent clue, with the “so long” being used very deceptively.

7 Responses to “Independent 6910 by Math”

  1. Mick H says:

    Thanks for the explanations, Neal. I mistakenly had BURIER at 1ac, being the U and R of undertaker in BIER, but I wasn’t very happy with that!
    In 31, is it that EXTREMER isn’t often used at all, ‘more extreme’ being, er, commoner.
    Re PAL, the difference in standards is a newsgathering nightmare, as pictures shot in the USA have to be converted for broadcast in Britain. This is why US footage often looks a bit weird, with washed out pinky reds – the joke is that NTSC stands for Never Twice the Same Colour.

  2. eimi says:

    Chambers says ‘extremer’ is rare.
    Any treasure hunters out there?

  3. Geoff Moss says:

    You mean the theme that hasn’t been mentioned? The treasure wasn’t so well buried that everyone must have missed it!

  4. beermagnet says:

    Thank you Eimi.
    At one point when struggling with the last few I looked for a Nina thinking that if there was one here it might help me to finish it. Failed to spot it (‘natch), but now I’ve seen it it’s very nice and certainly would’ve helped me finish – for instance I didn’t get ALDRIN.
    Reminds me of a recent cartoon of a bunch of classic pirates on a classic cartoon desert island with the Long John Silver character saying “Come on you swabs! One of you must remember where we buried that supertanker”.

  5. mhl says:

    Great crossword :) 1 across was also my last…

    2 down reminded me of this Araucaria prize puzzle :)

  6. Steve B says:

    Absolutely brilliant puzzle: the Nina is genius.

  7. Al Streatfield says:

    Good puzzle but the (Gary) Glitter clue for GLEAM made me feel distinctly queasy.

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