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Private Eye/Cyclops 379 – Humbug

Posted by beermagnet on December 8th, 2008


Cyclops getting in early with his opinion of Xmas at 1 Across?

1 HUMBUG HUM (stink) BUG (infection) Had me foxed till I got that first U.
5 FEROCITY (OF, ER)* AInd: ruined; CITY (bankers) Slightly loose definition I thought – you don’t have to be ferocious to be ruthless
9 BUFFOON BUFF (Brown) O (nothing) ON (working)
10 JARGON J (Jack) ARGON (a gas)
11/12 AS SAFE AS HOUSES CD Relatively easy CD – first answer put in which is unusual for a CD. (I normally look at the longest answers early on, after those that deliver first letters of course.)
13 IMMUNITY M (Monsieur: short chap in French) inside “I’M UNITY” Ref: This one Unity Mitford of the Mitford sisters wherein we learn the apt fact that she was born in Swastika, Ontario !
15 RACIST AC (Bill) inside (STIR)* AInd: wrongly
16 LAPDOG LAP (area between waist and knees) DOG (follow)
18 FITTED UP FIT (attack) TED (familiar old PM) UP (over) Note to self: Must research a good URL referring to Birmingham Six, West Midlands Police etc. (failed)
20 ALARMIST A LA (in the manner of) (MRS T)* AInd: raving; around I (“independence”)
22 EFFIGY CD I like this one, I imagine like many I had “Fawkes?” pencilled next to the clue. This gets the favourite clue award:
Guy likely to engender a burning desire in zealots? (6)
24 UNMASK UNMA[n] (almost cut off one’s balls) SK (South Ken.)
25 ABDOMEN (BAD)* AInd: wobbled; OMEN (sign)
26 LASHINGS DD Nothing to do with the House of Commons after all (- well, perhaps not).
27 MARTYR MARR (Political commentator) around T[or]Y (disheartened supporter of Cameron). Ref Andrew Marr known more for size of ear and length of arm than political bias(?)
2 UNBOSOM DD I wasn’t sure of this one from a definition point of view but I suppose it’s like getting something off your chest:
Tell all and dispose of the knockers (7)
3 BAFTA BA (Barium) around AFT (behind)
4 GLOWERING Last to be written in but did so quickly after I got that initial G
5 FANTASY (ANY FATS[o])* AInd: affected
7 CARBUNCLE CD Brian’s quoted opinion of modern architecture – which has had a recent endorsement from a top designer: Guardian article
8 TROWELS CD I liked this one too. You have to lay it on thick y’know:
Gross flatterers’ tools? (7)
15 ROTTERDAM ROTTER (arse) DAM (blockage)
17 ATLANTA (L.T.A)< then ANT (of Ant and Dec) A (one) Tricky until some crossing letters in place
18 FAT CATS (ACT)* AInd: uneasy; inside (FAST)* AInd: squandered
19 URGENCY UR (old city) GEN[t] (25% down) C[r]Y (call Treasury’s no.2 out; i.e. R) Another tricky bit of wordplay
23 FEMUR Hidden: low-liFE MURdoch

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