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Enigmatic Variations 840: Late by MynoT

Posted by Dave Hennings on December 12th, 2008

Dave Hennings.

I don’t know whether I feel relieved that the first two puzzles I’ve blogged have been so easy, or cheated out of a few hours entertainment. I know that the EV is generally easier than the Listener and Inquiisitor, but even so! And, it has to be said, MynoT puzzles have been quite tricky in the past. His last EV (number 823, Alchemy) was pretty tough, as was a recent Listener (number 3995, Past Times) with the French Revolutionary Calendar as its theme, a truly beautiful puzzle.

The clues were pretty straightforward, and most would have been at home in a 15-squared daily. Perhaps the editor is trying to be kind to novices with some easier puzzles.

A minimal preamble, requiring solvers to highlight eight examples of a LATE something by the LATE somebody, didn’t sound too difficult. I’m not normally one who goes through all the clues in order for a first pass, but for some reason that’s what I did this week. It took about 20 minutes and I solved about half the clues. At that point, HAY?? at 5A and S?MPH??? at 16D led to JOSEPH HAYDN across the top and eight of his symphonies to be identified in the grid. This was made even more easy, since the preamble stated that only one was unclued. I identified the clued ones very quickly due to my excellent knowledge of Haydn’s works and nimble fingers on the Google keyboard! The unclued one took a bit longer and was to be found in one of the NW-SE diagonals. What a SURPRISE. They appear to be the last eight named symphonies that Haydn composed, between 1785 and 1795, although he composed many other works before his death in 1809.

Solving time: just over an hour on the clues, and another 15 minutes looking through the entry for his symphonies on Wikipedia (a little easier on the eye than Groves online).

ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden
blue for Haydn and his Symphonies

2 JOSEPH unclued
6 HAYDN unclued
11 UPS P in US copper; I was brought up in the days that a copper was an old d — yes, I was
12 ADENOMA ADEN+O(VERWHELM)+MA benign tumour
13 RAX cf RACKS Scottish word for stretch; rack has 8 definitions, one being a young rabbit’s skin
14 EELS (F)EEL+S some of them have electric organs; feel (consider) minus the F plus S for soprano
15 NASAL NAS+A+L(EATHER) the nosepiece in a helmet; nas is Spenser-talk for has not
17 LUFF (B)LUFF sailing a ship close to the wind
18 ENOS 2 meanings son of Seth and those old fruit salts called Eno’s (I think!) — can you still buy them?
20 NAME eNAMEl specify; gloss paint is enamel: I seem to be the one who gets all the indirect hidden words to comment on
23 ARMS 2 meanings fighting and tentacles
24 RARER RA+R+E(CUADO)R more bloody
25 GRISLY GIRLS*+Y frightful (not the clue, the definition); X, Y and Z are the three letters commonly used to signify unknown
26 PEC PE+C muscle
28 FOLD F+OLD congregation
29 LOLL LOLL(Y) lounge
30 ASH HAS* cinders
32 RATLIN TAR<+NIL< lines forming steps of a ship’s rigging
34 OSIER hOSIERy willow; another indirect hidden, this time in knitted underwear
36 TOPI uTOPIa antelope; ind. hid. in an ideal place
37 ALEC ALE+C(LOUT) Guinness, for example
41 SAIL S+AIL project; s = is
44 DRAY YARD< wagon; yard is a thin branch
45 DOYEN DO+YEN dean; I haven’t come across that meaning before
46 SEGO SEG(N)O American lily; $ is segno, a sign to mark the beginning or end of repetitions
47 OUR OUR(ALI) that which we own; I thought at first it should be something minus ar for arab rather than ourali minus Ali
48 MIRACLE CAR< in MILE amazing event
49 ROC ROC(OCO) large bird; and (inside crock) the subject of the indirect hidden in my first blog!
50 CYANS (N)ANCY’S* blues; I’m not sure I really like the apostrophe in Nancy’s
51 PALLOR PALL+OR having lack of colour
1 QUEEN cryptic def. promote a man in chess; the Queen symphony is also known as La Reine
2 J-PEN JP+EN pen with a short broad nib, defined under J in Chambers
3 OSLO J(OLSO)N< capital; is the apostrophe in Jolson’s justifiable to denote hidden?
4 SASSES S(ILLY)+ASSES sluice or lock
5 PEAL 2 meanings young sea-trout and loud sound
6 HOARSE HOAR’S+E(XHAUST) husky; I cannot find any justification for hoar being frost and snow — have I missed something?
7 AMLA grahAM LAnd tree; Graham Land, that bit of the Antarctic well known to polar explorer’s
8 YALT (AT LAY)* conference site; better known, I suspect than Graham Land
9 DRUM ROLL DRUM+ROLL drum = ridge and roll = wander
10 OXFORD bOX FOR Delivery shoe
15 NUALA NU+A+LA Irish girl’s name; and French for ‘naked (masc) has the’ … hmmm!
16 SYMPHONY unclued
19 BELIE BELIE(F) show the untruth of
21 AROSE A+ROSE sprang up; easiest clue of the day
22 MILITARY I+LIT in MARY uncivil; light = come down
27 CAIRN ameriCA IRN bru dog
29 LONDON L+ON+DON city; L = pupil, on = subject to
31 STOORS TO+OR in SS assaults; in SS = on board yet again
33 TASSEL 2 meanings plate in a wall (see under torsel) and gold plate
35 ETYMA safETY MAtches origins; of = in
38 CLOCK 2 meanings take a look at and Scottish word for beetle
39 ODIN O+DIN god; 0 din = zero din, ie quiet
40 CECA iCE CAves cavities, plural of cecum
42 AERO (K)OREA< aircraft; I would have thought that Korea was two countries, North and South
43 IGOR I+GO+R Prince, title of a Borodin opera
SURPRISE unclued runs NW to SE from last letter of EELS at 14A to second letter of SEGO at 46A

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