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Inquisitor 101 – HKL by Raich

Posted by duncanshiell on December 12th, 2008


I suspect this puzzle should have been published the previous week rather than the 29th November when it did see the light of day. It obviously got bounced by Inquisitor 100 with its thematic link to the number 100.

We were told that all but seven of the forty-six clues had single extra letters given by the wordplay. In clue order, these would spell out three items associated with each of three people, and a description of the link between the people. On reflection I am not sure that ‘items’ was right word. The link itself (39 letters) then had to be highlighted in the grid.

I found the cluing very fair with the surfaces generally very smooth.

BRAVE NEW WORLD became apparent fairly quickly as one of the three ‘items’. I struggled a bit with SAD COINCIDENCE before I finally realised what was going on. DALLAS and NARNIA followed soon after and the whole thing fell into place. This all led to Aldous Huxley, John F Kennedy and C S Lewis who all died on 22nd November 1963.

The 39 letter phrase to be highlighted in the grid was DIED TWENTY TWO NOVEMBER NINETEEN SIXTY THREE. These words can be found in rows 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 (two words) of the grid. Only one of the words, ‘SIXTY‘, was an entry in its own right. All the others spread across two, three or four entries. NOVEMBER was the only word that leapt out of the grid at me as I solved the puzzle. I guess I focus too much on solving each clue individually without looking for a bigger picture which might help me solve puzzles quicker.

The title ‘HKL’ relates to Huxley, Kennedy, Lewis

No. Entry Letter

Components of Wordplay

1 MIDI B M (monsieur [Frenchman]) + BID (offer) + (pursued) I = MIDI (reference French region Midi-Pyrenees)
4 EDH R RED (communist) + H (first letter [beginning] of ‘handle’) = EDH (a letter used in Old English)
7 UPPER A PAPER (newspaper; The Independent is an example) following U (first letter [origin] of ‘unusual’) = UPPER (a drug)
11 TIDY V TV ([television] set) + anagram (sorted out) of DIY = TIDY (fairly good)
12 UNLASH E Anagram (surprisingly) of SHUN ALE = UNLASH (nautical [at sea] term meaning to loose the lashings)
13 SAMIEL N Anagram (disconcerted) of MENIALS = SAMIEL (a hot desert wind)
14 WENT E WEN (an enormous congested city) + ET (French for ‘and’) = WENT (harmonised)
16 PAUA W PAW (hand) + U (Unionist) + A = PAUA (New Zealand name for the abalone, a shellfish)
17 RIEM W WE contained in (found in) RIM (border) = RIEM (a rawhide thong)
19 RAITING Sounds like RATING (sailor) = RAITING (soaking)
20 USTINOV O OUST (get rid of) coming first before INOV (NO [number] in IV [four], the opposite of ‘four in number’)’ = USTINOV (reference Peter Ustinov, late, actor, writer, director and raconteur)
22 EMBER R Reverse of (brought back) ME ([crossword] setter) + BRER (brother, Southern American dialect)
23 ISOLD L IS + anagram of (spoilt) DOLL = ISOLD (girl’s name meaning fair)
25 JEWELRY D JE (French ([in Paris] for I) + almost all of WELL (spring) + DRY (right winger in politics) = JEWELRY (jewelry is valued)
30 FARRAGO D Anagram of (resolved) FOG RADAR = FARRAGO (confused situation)
32 PENI A Hidden in (in without a coat) OPEN AIR = PENI (an Edward (Ed) Spenser form of penny)
33 NETE L NET (to score) in front of LE (French for ‘the’) = NETE (the highest note of the lyre)
35 INCA L IN + reverse of (withdrawn) LAC (an indefinitely vast number) = INCA (emperor)
36 ORGANA Anagram of (out) RANG contained in (in) O (old) and A (Austria) = ORGANA (parts in medieval music)
38 EPEIRA A Reverse of (running around) A + R (river) + (APE [monkey] containing IE ([that’s]) = EPEIRA (spider)
39 EATH S SEAT (chair) + H (hard) = EATH (old word for easy)
40 SIXTY N STY (rise) containing (welcoming) NIX (cry of warning) = SIXTY (number)
41 NTH A NAT (nationalist) + H (first letter, leader of ‘hero’) = NTH (a large number)
42 REEL R R (king) + ER (queen) + EL (Spanish for ‘the’) = REEL (tune)
No. Entry Letter Components of Wordplay
1 MASERU MASER (radar amplifying device) + U (first letter [at first] of ‘user’) = MASERU (capital of Lesotho)
2 DIMWIT N Reverse of (upset) (TIMID (shy) containing (accepts) WN (hollow win, i.e. ‘win’ without its middle letter) = DIMWIT (fool)
3 IDIOT I + DI (gods) + OT (Old Testament) = IDIOT (another [fool])
4 EYE I EYIE (EYRIE (nest) without R (runs) = EYE (old word for brood of pheasants)
5 DELANO A Reverse of (climbing) ON A LEAD (where a dog may be) = DELANO (President Franklin D Roosevelt’s second christian name)
6 HUTU S HUT (building) + US (American) = HUTU (African)
7 UNWARE A UNA (Irish girl’s name) + WARE (a dialect term for seaweed) = UNWARE (an obsolete [that was]) word for unexpected)
8 PLEROME D RUMPLED (without rum [drink]) + ROME (Capital) = PLEROME (primary tissue from which plant growth takes place)
9 PANIC C CAN (container) contained in (appearing in) PIC (photo, for example) = PANIC (a grass of the genus Panicum)
10 RHYMER O RHO (Greek letter) + Y (last [letter] of ‘dry’) + MER (French word for sea [drink]) = RHYMER (one who writes)
15 TASSIE I AS IS (no change) contained in (in) TIE (obligation) = TASSIE (Tasmania, a State of Australia)
18 EMERGE N Anagram of (exeptional) middle 6 letters (contents) of AGREEMENT = EMERGE (become known)
21 ILLICIT Hidden word (section of) in bILL I CITed = ILLICIT (not allowed)
23 IMPIES C I (international) + MP (politician) + ICES (kills, puts an end to) = IMPIES (warring groups)
24 DENARY I DIETARY (allowance of food) with N (new) replacing (for) T (time) = DENARY (ten)
26 EAT OUT D ED (editor) over (A + TOUT [watch]) = EAT OUT (encroach upon)
27 LANATE E LANE (taking extra time [a printing term]) + ATE (upset) = LANATE (wooly)
28 YOU-ALL N Anagram (broadcast) of LOYAL UN = YOU-ALL (American form of address to two or more people))
29 ANNEX AN (article) + NEXT (following, without the last letter [not entirely]) = ANNEX (appropriate)
31 REGAR Nearly all of REGARD (respect) = REGAR (black cotton soil of the Indian sub-continent)
34 ELAN C DECLAN (Irish man’s name) without (losing) intial letter = ELAN (impetuosity)
37 REH E Reverse of (set up) HERE = REH (efflorescence of sodium salts, again on the soils of India)

2 Responses to “Inquisitor 101 – HKL by Raich”

  1. Hypnos says:

    Very enjoyable puzzle with an enlightening theme. Didn’t know that H and L had died on the same day as (JF)K! Liked the coherent style of cluing and the way in which the extra letters were disguised and thought the misleading surface readings for some of the proper names like USTINOV and DELANO was particularly effective. Favourite clue: 5 down

  2. Raich says:

    Many thanks for blog and comment.

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