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Guardian 24,580 – Paul

Posted by manehi on December 24th, 2008


Am solving and blogging now after a night out knowing that I won’t get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow/this morning.. surprisingly easy for a Paul, I felt, with a lot of easyish clues among the many nice ones. Merry Christmas all… anyone else get to open their presents by this afternoon :)?

1,27 OFFSIDE TRAP =Sporting ploy, or all of the surface taken together. “OF”, then DE TRAP = rev(parted) = “left back” is put after (“past”) a jumble of “IF” and S[trikers] .
5,19 SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG Put this in immediately based on the enumeration.. not too much misdirection here.
10 ARIA A, rev(AIR).
11 STRYCHNINE The very bitter poison. TRY=”essay”, “penned” in by SCH for school, followed by the square number NINE.
13 NOTATION I knew Jacques TATI as a filmmaker, though I suppose comic is fair enough. Inside NOON=twelve.
14 ALPHA RATS (A[dvance] A SHARPLY)*
16 FLEET neat little double def.
17 SPELT Is a type of wheat and W-H-E-A-T is spelt out in the clue.
23 BUTTER UP Lovely. “Flatter” is the definition. BUTT followed by rev(PURE)= “straight back”.
24 PLEXUS P[ower] + LEXUS. The solar plexus is a major nerve network in the abdomen.
28 GLASGOW GLOW around (gas)*
2 FOR REAL ERR reversed in FOAL
3, 29ac SNAKE CHARMER Both words have similar meanings to “cad”.
4 DESPAIR (is padre)*
6 NICETY Hidden in GermaNIC ETYmology
7 GENITALIA GEN=facts, ITALIA is how Italians would say Italy. Cobblers is slang for a kind of these.
8 SAN JOSE J[udge], OS=”so upstanding” all inSANE.
9 GRANNY DUMPING Not a phrase I was familiar with. GRAN[d] + NY=(New York) state + DUMP[l]ING=”short, fat person left out”
15 HALITOSIS Scrabble is an anagrind on “sloth (ai)”, then IS=exists. “ai” is a fairly well known as a two-letter Scrabble word meaning a kind of sloth.
18 PLUVIAL PAL=Intimate in the sense of confidant, around LUV for “love”, with an “I” appearing in there as well. The word means to do with rain.
20 IMPEACH Laughed aloud when I got this. I(=one) MP EACH is the “constituency allocation”.
21 ULULATE ZULU=South African is beheaded, LATE=dead.
22 CRIMBO M[essiah] in CRIB getting O for his birthday tomorrow.
25 EATER I am vaguely aware of a phrase similar to “this apple is a good eater” or something. HEATER=warmer loses H for hot.

10 Responses to “Guardian 24,580 – Paul”

  1. ACP says:

    Some really nice clues in this one.
    I thought 1,27ac was terrific.

  2. Shirley says:

    Manehi 14A appears to be a typo – it’s Alpha RAYS.
    Lovely crossword for Crimbo Eve!

  3. Andrew says:

    Merry Christmas manehi & all. Like you I had a laugh at 20dn, and a snigger at 7dn.

    25dn – an “eater” or “eating apple” is in contrast to a “cooker”.

  4. Brian Harris says:

    Very enjoyable. Perfect crossword for Christmas – fun, but never annoying.

  5. Geoff says:

    Excellent Paul crossword – I found it a bit harder than his most recent ones, unlike manehi.

    1, 27 is a splendid &lit; also liked 20, 22, 23 very much. 7dn was a bit sneaky: ITALIA is certainly Italian for Italy, but ‘say’ implied a homophone, and it isn’t pronounced the same way as the last three syllables of GENITALIA.

  6. Shaun says:

    you’ve got a spelling mistake in 14ac – its rays not rats

  7. mhl says:

    Excellent fun – our favourites were CRIMBO, PLEXUS (last one to go in), SNAKE CHARMER, IMPEACH and BUTTER UP. Merry Christmas (again) everyone :)

  8. Ian says:

    Good stuff, Paul.

    Struggled with Crimbo, believe it or not.

  9. smutchin says:

    Good fun stuff from Paul today, but I’ve seen an almost identical clue to 25d somewhere else very recently… unfortunate coincidence.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  10. Barnaby Page says:

    Smutchin – so have I, which makes me think it must have been a Guardian clue, as I very rarely look at other papers’ crosswords.

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