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Independent 6929 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on December 31st, 2008


New Year’s Eve puzzle by Dac (appeared in the paper but not on the website apparently).   Solving time, 28 mins.

* = anagram  < = reversed


1 RING OUT T(HE) OLD   “Wring out”

8 JU (LIE) T      One of four successive Js  in the leftmost column, if that’s significant in Nina terms, I’ve missed it so far!

9 APRES MOI   (a promise)*   Brilliantly concealed anagram   apres moi le deluge (flood) from French rulers

10 NO VICE   Liked this

11 S(MAR)TY   ram<

13 JA(r) NE GREY   (energy)*

15 D ECAF   face<    pun on ‘mug’

18 J UN TA

20 PRO (re)CTORS

23 JOS (EP)H    Old revolver = old record = EP

25 MAY BUG    5 is HARASS

27 LIFE BELT   (be fillet)*


29 RINGS IN THE (NE)W   NE (Tyneside) in (Winter’s high)*   Good surface


1 ROUX    Double definition

2 NOIS (OM)E   OM seems to be ‘Buddhist’s utterance’, quick look in dicts suggests connection with Hinduism – not sure if that is the same – new to me anyway

3 OUT(LIE)RS   (tours)*     Excellent misdirection with ‘rock groups’


5 HAR(m) ASS


7 DR O IT   Tough   due = right

12 TA(B)U    tau = Greek letter (character from abroad)

14 YUP(pies)

16 AIRY   Hidden, another excellent surface

17 POLY MA T H (first letters)

19 THE REI(g)N

21 TRUDGE N   New to me, but got it eventually from the wordplay


24 (r)OSIER

25 MA(T)IN

26 STEW   Double definition

10 Responses to “Independent 6929 by Dac”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    This puzzle is now online after a brief preview of tomorrow’s puzzle.

  2. mhl says:

    I found this rather difficult, but maybe I’ve just run out of brain after this morning’s Guardian. Could someone explain what the definition is in 19 down (THE REIN)?

  3. nmsindy says:

    I think it’s ‘in that place’ = THEREIN

  4. mhl says:

    Oh, of course – thanks. For some reason I was thinking it was (3,4)…

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    My suspicion is that — only because of the time of year — Dac was trying to get a little Nina in, but failed to do so, and stuck with the words he already had. Perhaps he was trying for J down the left and I (= 1) down the right. Perhaps not, as that might be difficult.

  6. dac says:

    There is a theme. Each across answer (apart from the first and last) contains the abbreviated version (or in the case of May, the full version) of a month of the year. Eimi felt that no-one would spot this Nina’, whereas I thought it would be obvious. Clearly the Editor was right. Back to my non-thematic puzzles from next week! Happy New Year.

  7. nmsindy says:

    Well done and many thanks for the explanation! Much appreciated and very good. Happy New Year and looking forward to your puzzles in 2009. I’d suspicions about the JJJJ as the blog indicates but did not see its full richness. With hindsight I see the theme contributed to 3 of the 4 Js but what you say has explained all else and why there were unusual words in the grid. I can only speak for myself but Eimi was right! Great that all was explained tho. What convinced me (wrongly) to look no further was the RING OUT RING IN part as thematic and that Dac does not normally feature Ninas but the less than usual checking left me suspicious and I thought the needs of those entries was maybe why. Definitely not obvious to me anyway, Dac. Thanks again.

  8. eimi says:

    I guessed that as people don’t expect a Nina in Dac puzzles they wouldn’t spot one here, but I think that as well as an uncharacteristic puzzle this is also the first time Dac has responded to comments on this site. Happy New Year to all setters and solvers, whether they be bloggers, commenters or lurkers.

  9. Mike Laws says:

    I did spot the Nina, having been puzzled by the Js and the untypically (for Dac) designed grid – there had to be a reason for it. In fact the Nina helped me finish the puzzle.

  10. Allan_C says:

    A belated comment (not having tackled the puzzle till late on New Year’s Day). Single squares on the perimeter of a puzzle arouse suspicions of a nina, but I didn’t spot this nina till I’d completed the puzzle, when three Js led to Jul, Jan and Jun and set me looking for the others. Very neat! And a Happy New year to all!

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