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FT 12,964/Falcon

Posted by smiffy on 2nd January 2009


A fairly gentle pipe-opener to start the year off here. Despite an easy solve, I haven’t fathomed the wordplay behind 5D yet and am clutching at straws somewhat on 13A.

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Independent 6926/Phi (Prize puzzle 27-12-08)

Posted by neildubya on 2nd January 2009


There’s a partial “12 Days of Christmas” theme, here with 7, 26,27, 3, and 6 appearing in the grid. It seems a bit odd to have an incomplete theme like this, which makes me think I’m missing something obvious. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6931/Phi

Posted by John on 2nd January 2009


A typically nice Phi. I have one or two quibbles with, or at any rate misgivings about, some of the punctuation, but no doubt all will be explained.

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Guardian 24,586/Boatman

Posted by Andrew on 2nd January 2009


Boatman’s third outing in the Guardian, and, completely by coincidence, my third chance to blog him. Another enjoyable puzzle, with some excellent clues – I particularly liked 25ac, 1dn and 19dn. Best wishes for 2009 to all bloggers, readers and setters.

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Inquisitor 104: Merry-Go-Round by Eddie

Posted by duncanshiell on 2nd January 2009


The preamble stated that five words (one in a shortened form) of a song title would be spelled out in clue order, by single extra letters generated by wordplay in each of 25 clues. This title was stated to be the start of a nine-word quotation, the whole of which would be graphically illustrated in the completed diagram by its author. The remaining nine clues each contained a single extra word which, in various contexts, could stand before one of the nine thematic words in the perimeter, which was also thematically configured.

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