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Independent 6,936 by Radian

Posted by Simon Harris on January 8th, 2009

Simon Harris.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

Quite good fun this one, with enough food and drink references to consitute a theme, I should imagine. Other than that, not much to remark upon, although the constant referencing from one clue to another did become irksome in fairly short order.

1 DUTCH COURAGE – pun on “bottle”.
8 INTERIM – presumably if you add some Hs you get a relevant phrase. Anyone?
11/26 MANX CATS – (TAXMANS + C)*. Clever.
12 BLUES – dd.
17 OCEANS – in this case “11” isn’t a reference to another clue. “13s” is however, and becomes the definition “mains”.
21 CLOTH CAP – C + CHAP* “pocketing” LOT.
24 IRIS – dd.
29 SPANISH MAIN – (S + HAM + PANINIS)*. Anyone else cringe at the word “paninis”?
30 OLIVIER – OLIVER “about” I. Once you have 13, the full def. becomes “NT’s main stage”, which is of course the Olivier Stage.
1 DETENTE – DE + TENT + E. “Tent” was new to me, and seems to be a red wine from times past.
2 TARA – reference to the Hill of Tara.
3 HOMELAND – HM “traps” O, + ELAND.
4 OPENER – timely reference to England’s opener and new captain.
5 RIGA – [-yu]RI GA[-garin]. Riga would have been in Gagarin’s “homeland (then)”.
6 GRANADA – A “guarded” by GRANDA[-d].
7 SIAMESE TWINS – SAME SET WINS “over” I. Quite wonderful.
10 DANISH PASTRY – once you have 29, this becomes DA + SPANISH* + TRY.
14 IRISH – IRIS on H.
15 SCOTS GREYS – COSTS* by REY “besieged by” G[-uerilla]S.
20 EMIRATE – E-MATE “recruits” IR.
22 CZARIST – (IR + CATS)* “seizing” Z. Nice to see Y’s little brother get a chance to be unknown.
23 ARTHUR – a reference to Arthur’s Seat, the climbing of which always seemed a jolly good idea after closing time as a student.
27 KISS – K IS S[-tate].
28 LIMB – LIMB[-o].

16 Responses to “Independent 6,936 by Radian”

  1. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    Re 8a
    The answer to the question that the clue is: INTER ‘IM

  2. Mick H says:

    It’s not just food and drink – rather a nice theme of nationalities, with the four perimeter entries joined by Spanish Main, Manx Cats and Scots Greys – a lot to fit into a themed puzzle. I’m kicking myself for not seeing oceans, and had some trouble with ‘blues’ too – must brush up on my knowledge of regimental names, clearly.

  3. Mick H says:

    Oh, and I loved inter ‘im!

  4. Colin Blackburn says:

    IRISH was in the grid too along with at least 7 national references in clues too. Loosely EMIRATE and HOMELAND fit the theme too.

  5. Ali says:

    As I often do, I got a little bit irked with the referecnes between clues as well, but this is because I usually can’t solve one of the key clues.

    Isn’t 9A also an &lit? I think so, and a damn fine one at that

  6. SimonHarris says:

    I did wonder, Ali. I just don’t know if one could describe us as “adjacent” to Germany. Agreed that it does work very well though.

  7. nmsindy says:

    Very pleasing puzzle by this setter with an individual style – very impressive to get references to so many countries in as well as 12 ac and 25 ac. OCEANS was my last probably not helped by ringleader being one word (I know opinions differ on these matters but it was a nice idea). Would not object to all the cross-references and they were dealt with imaginatively with usages varying between clues

  8. rayfolwell says:

    The SA golfer being someone other than Ernie ELS caught me out !

  9. Allan_C says:

    I thought 17a rather devious. Only after resorting to a word finder could I work out the wordplay, and “cans” for “film” hadn’t occurred to me.

  10. Colin Blackburn says:

    I think I must have missed the subtlety of 17ac. I just assumed it was a double def. with the second def being to Ocean’s, the ringleader of the group in the film being called Ocean.

  11. SimonHarris says:

    That would make two of us – although I don’t remember “cans” coming into it all. Sadly I no longer have the clue to hand.

  12. Colin Blackburn says:

    This has been a problem, for me, for a few Indy puzzles. I only have access to the online puzzle and as there is no archive, once a puzzle is gone I have no way of looking back at the clues.

  13. nmsindy says:

    I was unsure about this too, not got the puzzle with me, but thought film might be ‘cans’ tho I’d a problem with the s with ring = 0 and e = leader in 11 (eleven). I’d commented on the non-Xim ringleader but think this may have been all nonsense and that Colin (in 10 above) explains it. I am however totally unfamiliar with the film, the group and the ringleader of the group.

  14. Colin Blackburn says:

    Ocean’s 11 is a classic heist movie, originally made in 1960 with many of the “11” being in the “Rat Pack”. The 2001 remake took the same idea and used a number of current big US stars for the gang. The plots centre around Danny Ocean putting together a gang of 11 to rob a number of Las Vegas casinos.

  15. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks for that, Colin. I mentioned it to a domestic film expert who not only knew all that but said there was a 12 and 13…

  16. Colin Blackburn says:

    Yes, I suppose Ocean’s 11 2 just wouldn’t have worked. Maybe Ocean’s 11.2 would have!

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