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Guardian 24,594 – Rufus

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 12th January 2009

Ciaran McNulty.

I sometimes get psyched out when I can’t get 1A easily, so I took a little while to get started today.  Ploughed through most of the puzzle once I got going but took a long time to finish off the top-left corner.

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Independent 6939 by Math

Posted by NealH on 12th January 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

1 Bored: ore in BD.
4 Games: Gas around ME.
9 Itchy: [T]itchy.
10 Solitaire: So I lit a [f]ire.
11 Scrabble: (BB + arcs)< + le.
13 Beetle: double definition.
15 Dimness: Didn’t follow this – “Untouchable’s introduction following Don’s initial stupidity.” I suppose the definition is stupidity and Don’s initial gives the D, but not sure about untouchable’s introduction.
16 Analyst: I can only suppose this is a hom of Anna Liszt, but the only Anna Liszt I can find was the mother of Franz Liszt and doesn’t seem to have been a historian.
18 Abandon: A band on.
20 Twister: Double definition. The second part is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, I think.
22 Goitre: Gore around it.
23 Prisoner: P R + is one r. Def is “one inside”.
26 Triumviri: Trium[ph] + V I + RI (vehicle registration for Indonesia). I’m not sure that the definition is technically correct. The triumviri is one of the three people sharing office, not all three.
27 Chess: C + Hess.
28 Ensue: EN + Sue. I think EN is short for Enrolled Nurse or something like that.
29 Dumps: Mud< + PS.
1 Buckram: Buck + ram. Not sure if the “sized” is part of the definition.
2 Ray: RA + last letter of photography. Reference to Man Ray, the artist, whose best known medium was photography, so could be seen as an &lit.
3 Disclosing: Di’s + closing.
4 Gala: Double definition.
5 Mathematics: Didn’t entirely follow this one – “a number of subjects to the contrary”.
6 Swiftly: Sweetly with EE replaced by if.
7 Airs: double def.
8 Deserter: (tres in reed)<.
12 Breadcrumbs: (A BBC Murder)* + s[tory].
14 Mastermind: Master + mind.
15 Draughts: aught in DR’s.
19 Asinine: A sin in E.
21 Tenders: Double def.
24 Risk: is between R and K.
25 Life: Hidden.
27 Cam: Mac<.

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