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Private Eye/Cyclops 382 – Gentle start

Posted by beermagnet on January 19th, 2009


A gentle start to 2009.
Nothing here held me up – which is just as well as my accountant tells me I’m supposed to be preparing my tax return right now. I don’t note times but without the usual last few I have to mull over I finished this before the pint. Awarded self another pint of Wychwood Circlemaster as a prize anyway.
Now where did I put those receipts …

1 CLOT C[ouncil] LOT (group)
4 MASTURBATE MA’S (BUTTER)* AInd: runny, outside A
9 STOLEN STOLE [pe]N[is] A touch of deja vu for me as I did this puzzle just after Paul’s Guardian Prize 24593 where there was:
12A Man finally after scarf to get hot (6)
10 APPROVAL O inside RV inside (PAPAL)* AInd: dispensation !
11 FLIPPANT FLIP (snap) PANT (heavy breather’s thing)
12 ENEMAS (SEAMEN)* AInd: flustered
17 ANOTHER (ON EARTH)* AInd: pervert Favourite clue award for this concise Cyclopsian offering:
One more pervert on earth (7)
23 OBJECTOR OBJECT (thing) O (ring) R (Rex)
24 EPISODIC ([c]O-ED PICS I)* AInd: processed This or “episode” seem to crop up in puzzles surprisingly often
25 STIFFY S[econd] T[ime] IFFY (not up to scratch)
26 CROSS-PARTY CROSS (paddy) PARTY(social)
2 LET FLY LET (say yes) FLY (opening of trousers) misdirects to think the wordplay leads to Y[es] and T[rousers] somehow but that doesn’t lead anywhere
4 MANDATE AND inside MATE (china [plate] cockney rhyming slang)
5/19 SMART MOVE CD/DD Allusion to the recent John Sargeant / Strictly Come Dancing “story” (yawn)
6 UMPTEEN [h]UMP then E inside TEN Another word seen in puzzles more often than I would expect
7 BOOZE B.O. OZ (Australian) [grad]E
8 TEAR-ARSE TEAR (drop, as in crying) ARSE (behind) Feels like an old fashioned term to me. When I was tiny my dad was always telling me to “stop tear-arsing about”.
14/19 HER MAJESTY Brenda is the definition. HER MA (“Queen Mother”) JEST (joke) [flunke]Y
Brenda gets “Queen Mother” joke by flunkey, finally (3,7)
I think this refers to the recent autobiography by one of the palace servants (retired) where he tells the story of having an argument with his lover, also a palace servant, when they were interrupted by TQM who said something like “when you two old queens are ready this old Queen would like another G&T”
15 LOVE CHILD C[onservative] in (EVIL HOLD)* AInd: terribly
16 WALLOPER WALLOP (drink) ER (Brenda)
18 HYPED UP H[amm]Y (DEP[uty])< UP (feeling good)
20 WOEFUL (OW)< (FUEL)* AInd: adjustment
22 WASPS First letters (indicator: tops):
“We adore Sara Palin – simply tops!”: the core element of her followers? (5)
Sarah Palin is missing her H – probably shot it.
23 OSCAR One of those Half-CD clues: A Definition (Award) with attached CD wordplay: a vehicle for gross people?

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  1. TwoPies says:

    Thanks beermagnet. I similarly rattled this one off. I wasn’t happy with Paddy being Cross and I had to look up Wallop being slang for beer. I appreciate your explanation of 14/19dn. Good luck with the tax return.

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