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FT 12,982/Falcon – Bottoms Up!

Posted by smiffy on January 23rd, 2009


To be honest, there was little in this puzzle to get my juices flowing. Too much a sense of simply “going through the motions” in this one.  Just hope everyone is well-versed on the neighbo(u)rhoods of prominent capital cities…

9 NORTH STAR – (short rant)*
10 LIMBO – limb+o
11 TRAILED – T(ime)+railed
12 VINTAGE – (van I get)*
13 YEW – ye+w; don’t recall seeing W=Welsh for quite a while.
14 SMITHEREENS – (mess therein)*
17 LOYAL – o in (ally)*
18 GOA – I’m not familiar with the definition as “antelope”, but probably safe to assume that the species doesn’t hark from the Indian province of the same name.
19 GAUNT – g+aunt
21 FOGGY BOTTOM – ref: B. in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. An amusingly named placed which probably didn’t feature prominently during this week’s media blitz of DC. I’ve actually been there so can confirm its existence, however it may be a tad obscure for a (predominately) British readership?
23 BAD – (dab)rev
25 BARGAIN – bar+gain
27 TAFFETA – Taff+eta
28 NYALA – hidden
29 CABRIOLET – double def’n

1 SNOTTY – not in sty
3 CHILD’S PLAY – I recall a very similar (and more deftly handled) treatment of this in The Times recently.
4 STUD – stud[-y]
5 BRAVEHEART – I liked this clue about as much as I respect Mel Gibson’s cinematic grasp of historical accuracy.
6 PLAN – plan[-e]
7 IMPALE – I+MP+ale
8 SOMERSET – (See storm)*
16 RAGAMUFFIN – rag+a muffin
17 LEFT BANK – Alias La Rive Gauche. Typcially associated with arty types in Paris.
20 UMBRELLA – MB in (Laurel)*
22 GERMAN – hidden
24 DEARTH – D+Earth
26 ALAS – A las[-s]
27 TOBY – B in toy. The (sausage stealing, if my memory serves correctly?) canine in Punch & Judy shows.

2 Responses to “FT 12,982/Falcon – Bottoms Up!”

  1. C.G. Rishikesh says:


    Having never come across ‘predominately’, I checked and managed to reach where it is said the form, though less used, is correct.

  2. smutchin says:

    Smiffy, spot on with the comments – this was all pretty straightforward stuff. But at least it was all well-formed and uncontroversial, unlike today’s Enigmatist offering in the Guardian.

    I had to guess at FOGGY BOTTOM but it wasn’t too hard to work it out.

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