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Independent 6,944 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 17/01/09)

Posted by Simon Harris on January 23rd, 2009

Simon Harris.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

Apologies if this is a bit later than is customary – I’m just here as emergency cover today.

There was a certain amount of brain-racking involved in remembering how I got to some of these answers, several days on, but I think I managed it, although there’s one query at 4dn. This was a good, solid, enjoyable puzzle, with a miniature “obscure poets” theme (obscure to me, at least) in the across clues, which thankfully was mostly a case of solving anagrams.

9 THEODORE ROETHKE – THE ODOR + (O THE REEK)*. Theodore Roethke, 1908-1963, is the first in our triumvirate of dead poets.
10 BERLIOZ – BERLI[-n] + OZ.
12 GREEN – GEN “about” RE.
15 OLIVER GOLDSMITH – (VIGIL HOLDER MOST)*. Oliver Goldsmith, 1728 or 1730-1774.
18 PHOTOSTAT – (POST “including” HOT) + A + T. I haven’t heard this term in some time, it sounds rather dated now!
20 POETS – POTS with E “penned”, and the theme for today.
22 OSSETER – STORES* “stocking” E, and a species of sturgeon, I learn.
24 OMICRON – MO< + I + CRON[-y].
26 LUDOVICO ARIOSTO – (RIOTOUS VIOL CODA)* or (ODIOUS VOCAL TRIO)*, we’re spoilt for choice. Ludovico Ariosto, 1474-1533.
2 DEAR ME – ARM “dropped in” DEE.
4 PRIZE FIGHT – (I + FEZ)< “during” P + RIGHT. I can’t recall how I got RIGHT from “punch”, can anyone enlighten me?
5 TRUE – TRU[-c]E.
6 DEEPLY – DEE[-d] + PLY.
7 SHANGHAI – S + HANG + HAI[-l]. Shanghai is a darts game and a “Shanghai” – the “feat” in question – is the act of hitting a single, a double and a treble in the same turn, thus winning the game.
8 TELEMACHUS – (TEACH US) “around” LE + M[-aquis].
12 GOOD PEOPLE – (POPE + L)* in ODE after GO. I believe the “Good People” are a particular variety of Irish fairy.
14 RELATIONAL – RATIONAL “to include” EL.
16 IRONSIDE – IR (Inland Revenue) + ONSIDE.
17 SYPHILIS – S[-tanle]Y + (HIS LIP)*.
19 OCTAVE – O “before” CAVE “about” T.
21 EGRESS – EG + [-d]RESS.
23 RICH – RIC[-e] + H.
25 NOOK – NO OK.

3 Responses to “Independent 6,944 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 17/01/09)”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Great blog, Simon, in the breach. I think the punch might be a right i.e. a boxer’s with the right hand.

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Yes, of course, thanks for clearing that up. “Right” as in “a surprise right to the chest”, or that kind of thing.

  3. Allan_C says:

    ‘Osseter’ was new to me till I got enough checking letters to see it couldn’t be anything else and I then found it in Chambers.
    I think ‘good people’ is an Irish way of referring to the fairies so as not to offend them if they happen to be listening.

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