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Independent 6949 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on January 23rd, 2009


I found this very difficult, solving time 46 mins. Thought this was maybe to accommodate a Nina, but so far , despite WAYNE being in the bottom row, all I can see is a pangram i.e. each letter of the alphabet used at least once in the grid. NW corner was particularly difficult.
* = anagram
7 G(r)AZE Was not aware of that meaning of ‘graze’ but dicts confirm.
8 MOLYBDENU M (One dumbly)*
11 AVENUE Very unusual – the letters are in ‘adventure’ and in order but not specified further by e.g. regularly if they were alternate letters which they’re not here of course.
12 SE(X)T ON I liked this. X = ten in Roman numerals
15 S (TALKING) H ORSE (sore)*
18 IS A (BELL) A Automobile Assocation
20 DAR(l)ING Liked this, heart = middle letter, cryptically
22 (l)EF (FOR) T port = left
24 THOUSAND Clever, K or M can represent 1,000 66% was better than two-thirds which might have given too much away.
25 RADIAL TYRE (trial-ready)* The only across clue solved on first run through.
26 U(sin)G LIme

1 PARACELSUS (Pascal sure)* Clearly an anagram but completely new to this blogger. Dates (1493-1541), born in Switzerland
2 D EFECT I think it’s had abbreviated to ‘d and ‘effect’ less one f – ‘loss of some force’
3 S (MOLE N) S MurmansK On board – on a steamship (SS) i.e. contained – that goes way back to my earliest solving days.
4 A B BAD O Pleased to work this out from the wordplay once I’d some crossing letters. New to me, but well known to classical music lovers, I’d say.
6 JU(g) JU(g) My last entry.
9 LIGHT (INFANT) RY (rightly)*
16 A (MB R O) SIA One of the easier clues
17 HYDROGEN I liked this, great misdirection H is its chemical symbol (Henry dog)*
19 LET (poor service – tennis) FLY (of a dubious nature)
21 R IS QU(it)E quite = rather
23 F LAW

3 Responses to “Independent 6949 by Phi”

  1. Wil Ransome says:

    I think you must have been off form, Niall. This struck me as of average Pie difficulty, i.e. not very hard.
    Two minor grumbles: I didn’t like the 66% in 24ac and would have preferred two-thirds, which doesn’t give it away any more than the rather obvious 66%, which isn’t even accurate, since it should be 66 2/3%. If he must give a whole number, it’s closer to 67%.
    And I thought that had = ‘d in 2dn was not quite everyday cryptic fare.

  2. nmsindy says:

    As a maths person from way back, Wil, the points you make re KLM did occur to me and you are of course right but I notice over the years that the bookies give the odds 66/1, never 67/1. Agree with you re 2 dn also which was the last I understood and was a little surprised at the usage in a daily puzzle and wondered was there maybe another explanation. I did enjoy the puzzle tho and Phi clues always tend to stack up – I find I almost always understand them fully in the end.

  3. Allan_C says:

    I agree with Niall – this was difficult for a Phi puzzle. But some good misdirections; in 24a I spent ages trying to think if there was a name for an alphabetical sequence of three letters, beginning with ‘th’ (two-thirds of ‘the’) followed by a synonym or example of ‘time’. And as a chemist I have to confess to not getting ‘hydrogen’ for ages, although I got ‘molybdenum’ straightaway.

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