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Independent 6951 by Punk

Posted by NealH on 26th January 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

An enjoyable puzzle that didn’t require vast amounts of general knowledge. There were some excellent surface definitions that appeared utterly bewildering at first glance (particularly 21 down).
9 Epochal: Cope< + Hal.
10 Othello: Hello (magazine) after OT (Old Testament).
11 Yeast: [Baker]y + east.
12 Beelzebub: Bee + zebu in lb.
13 Ego: Go after [avenu]e.
14 Hummingbird: Humming + bird (in the prison sense).
17 Lateral Thinking: Kin in later Althing. The Althing is the Icelandic parliament (which, coincidentally, is mentioned several times in an article about Iceland).
20 Bearskin rug: (sure barking)*.
22 Yam: May<, although May as a synonym for spring seems a bit dubious.
23 Moonlight: Moo (low in its bovine sense) + first letter of luminescence in night.
26 Trust: Double definition.
27 On the go: ghent* in OO.
28 Monsoon: Monday soon.
1 Very well: double def.
2 Cosa Nostra: (actor’s son)* over a.
3 Thatcher: last letter of government + hatcher.
4 Club: double def.
5 Come hither: me in (the choir)*.
6 Phizog: Phi + Zog.
7 Flab: Fab around l.
8 Forbid: For bid.
15 Melting pot: E lt in Ming + pot.
16 I kid you not: I kid + youn[g] + o + t.
18 Negating: eating* + ng.
19 Gemstone: MS in get one.
20 Bamboo: Bamb[in]o + o.
21 Solver: Sole around v + r = u (you in text messaging).
24 Otto: This was the only one I thought was a little obscure. It seems to be the palindromic name of a cyclist. The only moderately famous one I can find is Dag Otto, although there might be someone else.
25 Tome: Self-addressed = to me.

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Guardian 24,606 (Rufus)

Posted by diagacht on 26th January 2009


A nice easy start to the week with some of the down clues proving just a tad more difficult
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