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Azed 1913 – Plain

Posted by petebiddlecombe on February 1st, 2009


Solving time: about 70 minutes in 3 bursts, with Chambers used for last 15 or so answers.

Some of this was pretty straightforward, but I was held up a long time by 17/23 at the end.

1 (g)RIP,P rip(5)/ripp is Scots for a handful, esp a plucked one of grass/corn
4 OSTR=sort*,A,COD – a tiny crustacean
11 AEOLOT=(ale too)*,ROPY – physical variation in properties, depending on direction
12 C.,APEX = “capital expenditure”
14 TALE,A – a recurring rhythmic pattern in medieval motests – not to be confused with tala – a rhythm pattern in Indian music.
15 ABBA,TIAL = lait(y) rev. “Abba” is Aramaic for father, hence “Abba, father” in the Bible.
16 (r)ELATED
20 TAPHOUSE – A in (the soup)*
21 A,GIN = con = against
22 TRUE – rev. hidden
23 SPIR=rips rev.,LING=fish – rip(4) is a wicker basket, and sp(a/e/i)rling is a Scots dialect name for the smelt (fish)
25 CHA(DO)R – a cloth spread over a Muslim tomb, as well as a large veil
27 PAR,LAND,O = ‘speaking’ = another name for recitative singing
29 ONION = chump – I in no-no rev.
30 WURST – last letters and ‘bratwurst’
31 ENTITATIVE = (event at it I)*
33 ECUS – hidden.
1 RACLETTE = claret*,ThEy – a Swiss cheese, used in a dish of the same name that’s effectively spud fondue.
2 POPPA = “popper”
3 PLEATHER – hidden – an artificial facbric from “plastic / leather”
5 S,TUB – stub = to grub (up) says C, though not which “grub” – presumably to dig.
6 TRIBASIC – R.I.B.A. in CIST rev.
7 R(O(u)T)ATE – rotata (adj) is wheel-shaped
8 CYLIX = a Gk. drinking cup. – (toxically – a lot)*. Was anyone else expecting the def. to be “the hemlock genus”?
9 OLEAGINOUS = goalie*,O in SUN rev.
10 (i)DEAL
13 ALL,ARGAN,DO – Argan is a Moroccan timber tree
17 D,UPON,DII = 502
18 M(A,LAM)UTE – the mal(a/e)mute is an Alaskan dog that looks like a husky
19 INGRATES = (inert gas)*
23 SLANTS = (listen as – i.e.)*
24 TRI(gg)ER
26 DARIC = an old Persian coin named after Darius. The odes were Pindaric
27 POOP = US “bumph”, short for “nincompoop”, and the after part of a ship.
28 DITT(y) – a dit(t) is a poem or the words of a song, so not quite the song that a ditty is.

2 Responses to “Azed 1913 – Plain”

  1. bridgesong says:


    Thanks very much for the blog. I have to admit that this was the first Azed for a very long time which I failed to complete, PARLANDO and ENTITATIVE eluding me along with some of the down clues in the south west corner. I’m kicking myself for missing the compound anagram for SLANTS.

    Perhaps it’s worth adding, for younger readers, that Trigger (referred to at 24 down) was the name of the golden palomino horse used by Roy Rogers, a famous singer and cowboy actor, whose television series in the 1950s made him famous both here and in the States.

  2. petebiddlecombe says:

    Sorry, forgot just how far back Roy and Trigger went.

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