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Private Eye/Cyclops 383 – Have a go

Posted by beermagnet on February 2nd, 2009


Another fairly easy outing from Cyclops, particularly in comparison to his Saturday Prize Guardian Brummie (24-Jan) which I struggled with just before tackling this one, so I may be over-judging how easy this was. Nevertheless, with the Private Eye puzzle being more accessible of late, it is the ideal time for anyone unfamiliar with it to have a go.

1 EPITAPH EP (old record) IT (sex) APH (25% of aphrodisiacs) We still have EPs don’t we? I suppose they are CD-EPs now
5 PASS OFF PA’S (State’s, PA=Pennsylvania) S[pending] OFF (in a bad way) Last to go in
9/21 KAMA SUTRA ([Barrac]K [Obam]A TRAUMAS)* AInd: juggling
10 MELBOURNE (MOB RULE)* NE (Tyneside) AInd: engineered  Him:  Viscount Melbourne
12 FLIPPANT FLIP (Go nuts) PANT (a bit of heavy breathing)
13 GET OFF Hidden budGET OF Fool
14/25 SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD (FAVOURITE HOWLER [s]OD)* Ref to last month’s hilarious slip of the brain by GB: Super Gordo
23 SEA-DOG (A DOSE)* G[ood] AInd: screwed
27 HOT POTATO HOT-POT (dish) A TO[ry]
28/17 LOOPHOLE (POO)< inside (HELLO)* AInd: possibly
29 STUDENT STUD (“sex machine”) ENT[ertainment] The clue hardly needs a question mark, after all student productions are known as College Ents
30 OFF-DAYS OFF (dicky) D[ied] (SAY)* AInd: screwed
2 PHALLUS HAL (Henry) inside PLUS (as well as)
4 POMPADOUR POMP (Show) A DOUR (sullen) Her: Madame de P
6 AMONG Hidden suitably! in creAM ON Goolies
7 STRETCHER (REST)* AInd: uneasy,[tha]TCHER
8 FRETFUL FR (Friar) (LEFT)* AInd: pissed, around U[rinal]
11 LATER LATE (dead) [labou]R
15 VALIDATED (DAVID ET AL)* AInd: bonkers
16 FOBBED OFF BED (shag) inside FOB OFF (chain removed from watch)
19 EYE-SHOT EYES (mags) HOT (sexy)
22 YELLOWY YELL (cry) OW (that hurt) [thing]Y
24 GROIN R[ight] inside GO IN (gain access)

One Response to “Private Eye/Cyclops 383 – Have a go”

  1. TwoPies says:

    Thanks beermagnet. I did this before Saturday’s Brummie and found it very straightforward. I’d also encourage anyone to have a go, it’s laugh out loud funny. Where else would you find groin as member’s area?

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