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Financial Times 12,992 / Io

Posted by Gaufrid on February 4th, 2009


I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this one but that may be partly due to the fact that I woke up with toothache this morning. Some of the surfaces seemed ‘strained’ or didn’t make sense and some of the definitions were weak. However, there was a clever anagram and insertion indicator in 15a/18a though again I found the definition somewhat vague.

1 POPISH  PO (chamberpot) PISH (I am impatient) – ‘pish’ is actually an expression of impatience rather than someone who is impatient and how does ‘popish’ equate to ‘for such as John’ when its definition is ‘relating to the pope or popery’?
4 SHOOT-OUT  *(TOO) in SHOUT (call)
9 ROLL ON  dd
10 ORGANDIE  ORGAN (newspaper) DIE (long) – what’s the ‘to look’ doing here? It is superfluous.
12 QUIZ  QUI (who, in French) Z (last)
13 CHLOROFORM  C (100) H[ote]L *(ROOM FOR)
15, 18 AT THE DROP OF A HANDKERCHIEF   O in *(FAINT-HEARTED CHEF HAD PORK) – clever anagram and an unusual way of indicating the insertion of ‘O’ (with stuffed duck). I assume the definition refers to either the start of a medieval joust or the rapid reaction of a gentleman when a lady drops something.
21 CHINA PLATE  IN in CHAP (fellow) LATE (out of office) – presumably the definition is simply ‘familiar Cockney”. I’m not sure I like ‘stalling’ as an insertion indicator but it can mean ‘installing’ according to Chambers .
22, 23 FLEA BITE  A BIT (somewhat) in FLEE (leave) – ‘soothed’ as a containment indicator?
25 LIMPID  LIMP (unconvincing) ID (passport)
26 HOT PLATE  *(PLOT) in HATE (intense dislike)
27 SEXTON  SEX (M/F) TON (fashion)

1 PARAQUAT  AQUA (water) in PART (some)
2 PALLIATE  ALL (everything) I (one) in PATE (head)
3 SHOW  dd
6 OVAL OFFICE  AL (nearly everything) OFF (abandoned) in O[riginal] VICE (sin) – Clinton’s ‘sin’ was hardly original so is ‘here?’ a reasonable definition?
7 ODD-JOB  dd – one being a reference to a character in one of the early Bond films (but don’t ask me which one).
11 THE RED PLANET  *(THREATENED P[leiades] L[oudly])
14 METATARSAL  TATARS (Eurasian warriors) in MEAL (dinner)
17 OFF-AND-ON  cd – a rather obscure cd but I cannot see any other interpretation for this clue.
19 SCOTCH  dd
20 PIGOUT  PI (sanctimonious) GOUT (taste, in French) – ‘cuisine’ is superfluous.

3 Responses to “Financial Times 12,992 / Io”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    Sorry about the toothache.

    17dn I think is OF FAN DON – or perhaps you’ve already implied that?

    22,23 [I don’t like this] could be A BIT [somewhat] in FLEE [leave]. [Chambers has ‘soothe’ = ‘gloss over’ – but I don’t expect you to like it, either.]

  2. Eileen says:

    I forgot to say:

    1ac: Popish = ‘such as John’, the most recent Pope, chosen as an example, presumably, because of the connection to ‘chamberpot’. ‘Pish’, as you say, is an expression of impatience and so = ‘I am impatient’. [cf ‘coo’, ‘cor’, ‘my, = ‘I am surprised’, all of which I’ve seen in crosswords recently.]

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Eileen
    You must have been quick off the mark today because I realised the parsing of 22/23 as soon as I checked the blog after it had been published and immediately edited that which I had originally written.

    I agree re 17d. I am sorry to say that I noted don=fellow when I originally solved the clue but then forgot to follow it up when I later wrote the blog. Usually I mark the clues that I need to return to for further consideration but for some reason I didn’t today.

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