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Independent 6956/Bannsider (Prize puzzle 31-01-09)

Posted by neildubya on February 6th, 2009


Excellent puzzle. You could pick out 3 or 4 top-notch clues by closing your eyes and randomly pointing with a finger but I especially liked 11 and 1d. I can usually explain everything in a Bannsider puzzle but not this one: 15a, 18, 19, 7 and 15d all need further explanation.

1 CHEST OF DRAWERS – tricky one to parse: “place for bra” is CHEST, “even pair of golf” is OF (the even letters in golf) and “pants” are DRAWERS. And the whole clue is an &lit of course.
8 AEGIS,THUS – this particular Mycenaean king has a number of different spellings but this is the only one that fits the wordplay.
9 W(H)ORE – “pro” being a shortened form of “prostitute”.
11 TRANNY – brilliant double definition clue: “he got up just as she” (for transvestite, of which TRANNY is a shortened form) and “set to be turned on” (for “transistor radio” – again, TRANNY is the shortened form).
12 S,C,RABBLE – I liked the definition but “a night” seems superfluous. Am I missing something?
15 BAYONETTING – I think this is right but I’m not sure how the clue works: “Running through area that’s got banking either side”. “Running through” is the def and “area” might be.
17 (BURN IE NOBLY)* – BUNNY-BOILER. “Woman reacting to slight” is the def as this phrase came about as a result of the film Fatal Attraction. I’ll let Wikipedia explain it.
18 DOT – I think this must be a double def although I’m not sure: “period” could be DOT (like a full stop) but “time period” could possibly mean DOT also (in music it can indicate the shortening of a note). But that doesn’t explain where “the same” comes from.
19 LEAPFROG – can’t work out this one either, apart from the definition: “Spring over, finish off stuff in field for good”
21 alternate letters in “sImPlEr ChAnCe” – IPECAC
24 SE(RA)I – SE1 is postcode for the area around Waterloo, RA is the Royal Artillery and a SERAI is an inn with a large courtyard.
25 IN,AUG,[-r]URAL
26 CRASH TEST DUMMY – liked the definition: “Model, for impact”.
1 CHASTITY BELTS – excellent cryptic def: “Rings to ensure relations are out”.
3 hidden in “nifTY SO Nabbing” – a ref to Mike TYSON.
4 F,O(H)N – guessed this. Apparently it’s a wind that blows down northern slopes of the Alps.
5 RU(CND HAS)*LE – RUSH CANDLE. Another guess, although not too difficult to work out from the wordplay.
7 RHOMB – still haven’t really nailed the wordplay to this: “doctor” is MB, H is “hospital” and “alternative” OR but I can’t quite see how it all fits together.
10 C in (GENERALLY TIE)* – ENERGETICALLY. The definition “with zip” was very well disguised I thought.
15 BAY OF PIGS – “reddish-brown” is BAY and “filth” could be PIGS (both slang for police) but where does the OF come from?
20 AIRER – “shower” must be “someone who shows”.
23 YAKS – double definition.

9 Responses to “Independent 6956/Bannsider (Prize puzzle 31-01-09)”

  1. Daleswoman says:

    18a How about do for ditto, the same; t for time, gives dot as in period, full stop

  2. beermagnet says:

    15A BAYONETTING Def: Running through (but you knew that!)
    BETTING (banking) around (either side) A (Area) YON (that)
    I remember explaining this to a friend who was puzzled by it too.
    18A DOT I thought of the “Year Dot” as the time period, but the music notation “plus a half” on a dotted note works as well.
    19A I couldn’t quite get that either
    Field=LEA and Good=G but that leaves PFRO ? There’s a (FOR)* in there maybe but that doesn’t help much.
    7D RHOMB I haven’t the clue here but I remember being happy with this – something about H[ospital] inside (OR)< then the MB doctor.
    15D I think I didn’t worry about the OF here.

    The one that held me up was YAKS !- I was staring at -A-S on and off for ages.

  3. beermagnet says:

    I think DW’s spot on with 18A DOT from DO (ditto=the same) + T

  4. Ali says:

    Very nice puzzle, thanks for the explanations all. I won’t lie and pretend I finished this, but made a good fist of it and got about about two-thirds filled in (which, when it comes to me and Bannsider, is pretty good. I’ve still never actually finished one of his puzzles!)

    Loved some of the crafty definitions, particularly for BUNNY BOILER and TRANNY

  5. Bannsider says:

    In 15d, the “of” in the answer is clued by the apostrophe s after “filth”.
    19ac it’s (STUF)F in LEA PRO G

    Otherwise, the false beard and the fast car are still on standby after this one!

  6. nmsindy says:

    Good puzzle, tough as always from Bannsider, who I find the hardest of the Indy setters, but the clues always stack up. Thanks for CHEST OF DRAWERS and BAY OF PIGS which, though I got them right, I could not fully understand the wordplay. I’m glad that you considered ‘pro’ needed to be explained in 9 across even with the answer set out…

  7. Allan_C says:

    Thanks for the direction to wiki for ‘bunny boiler’, which explains it in detail. I googled it and got the definition as ‘Clingy possesive overbearing psycho bitch of a girlfriend’ from

  8. luzverde says:

    i923 bannsider
    cannot justify 5d ans “rush candle” being a wicked thing?

  9. Gaufrid says:

    Hi luzverde
    A candle has a wick so in crossword-land it can be said to be ‘wicked’ or a ‘wicked thing’.

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