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Independent 6963 by Glow-worm

Posted by NealH on 9th February 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

I found this extremely tough. There was a lot of quite obscure stuff and quite a few that I didn’t follow.

1,14 Monday Morning Feeling: Mon + hom. “dame awning” + fee + ling. A perfect clue to sum up how I felt trying to struggle through this first thing Monday.
9 Perm: Double def. I think it must be referring to perm being used in expressions like “perm any two from four”.
10 Cloisonne: Conn[i]e around Lois. Connie Francis is an American singer and Lois Lane is Superman’s love interest. Not sure what a cloisonne is, but it seems to be something ornamental.
11 Bereft: ref in bet.
13 Llanelli: ([w]ell all in)*
17 Mediant: Didn’t understand this – the clue is “Old Iranian artefact ultimately given to me”. It looks like me + dian + last letter of artefact, but I’ve never heard of Dian as an Iranian and mediant is a musical term, so I can’t see what it’s got to do with the clue.
18 Diarist: hom. of dire wrist.
20,28 Leave No Stone Unturned: “Waste no opportunity to reverse every Roller?” I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think it might be a cryptic reference to the Rolling Stones.
23 Telemann: Teleman + n. George Philipp Telemann was a composer. I’m not sure about teleman for TV personality. Wouldn’t it be “telly man” ?
24 Teresa: Easter* (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).
26 Sterilise: I think this is an anagram of “tree s” + i l (first letters of in Latin) + is.
27 AWOL: Even letters of Larwood + l.
2 Oxeye: X in OE + ye[t].
3 Dam: double def.
4 Yucatan: Cat in Yuan.
5 Otoole: Too in [r]ole – Peter O’toole
6 Nastase: (an asset)*. Ilie Nastase was a tennis player, hence court.
7 Non-believer: (Nobel I)* in never.
8 Bed linen: B.Ed. + line +n[ot].
12 Enlargement: (Angler meant)* with a changed to e.
15 Epilepsy: Pile in EPs + y.
16 Gut: “String theory”. I presume this is a double def. String for gut seems reasonable, but I’m struggling a bit with theory. Perhaps it’s in the sense of “gut instinct”.
17 Mel: “One over the moon over a girl ?” It might be “One over the moon over” = Lem reversed, but I don’t know who or what Lem is.
19 Sea Lion: Seal + ion. I think it means cork as a verb i.e. if cork a bottle, you seal it.
21 Entreat: Entre[e] + [aspir]at[ional].
22 In situ: Odd letters of “pianist in tour”.
25 Spoke: double def. It seems as if you can use rung to refer to the spoke of a wheel, although it’s more commonly associated with ladders.
27 Air: [Ma]ria<.

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New Daily Telegraph solving blog

Posted by neildubya on 9th February 2009


Solvers of the Daily Telegraph cryptic and Toughie puzzles might be interested to know about a new blog that has just started up just for you:

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Guardian 24618 / Rufus

Posted by mhl on 9th February 2009


A fun puzzle from Rufus to start the week. I particularly enjoyed 26a and 13 down.

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