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Financial Times 12,998 / Monk

Posted by Gaufrid on February 11th, 2009


As usual with Monk, some delightfully misleading clues and some excellent construction. It was a pleasure to solve and blog this one.



9 ANCHORS  A CHOR[d] (short string) in NS (poles)
10 VETERAN  [Yorkshir]E in VET (Herriot) RAN (managed)
11 CATCH  CAT (cool dude) C (caught) H (heroin)
12 CAKE HOLES  [soc]K in *(SHOELACE)
14 USE  US (America) E[astern]
15 TRIPLE CROWN  L (long) in TRIPE (claptrap) CROWN (boasted about)
17 BARNSTORMER  N (north) STORM in BARE (basic) R (right)
19 BIS  B[est] I[n] S[how]
20 SEVENTEEN  EVEN (flat) in ST (street) [b]EEN
22 LIMIT  MI (motorway) in LIT (came to rest)
24 MOONLIT  MOON (display cheek) LIT (literally)
26 AVARICE  AVA (girl) RICE (food)
27 DAILY  dd

1 FRANC  FRAN (girl) C (about)
2 NECKTIE  NECK (kiss) TIE (couple)
5 LEV  hidden in ‘eLEVen’
6 TITCH  TIT (tiny bird) CH (taps, cold and hot)
7 MORELLO  MORE (extra) L (large) LO (look)
8 SING-SONGS  SING SONG (repeatedly celebrate) S (small)
13 KILIMANJARO  I MAN (one chap) JAR (drink) in KILO (weight)
16 CARTLOADS  CAR (vehicle) L (learner) in TOADS (hateful types)
18 RAVIOLI  VIOL (something stringy) in [o]R[g]A[n]I[c]
19 BAMBINO  BAMBI (deer) ON reversed
21 NELLY  NELL (girl) Y (unknown)
23 TWEED  TWEE (dainty) D (little daughter)
25 TIC  T[w]I[t]C[h]

One Response to “Financial Times 12,998 / Monk”

  1. Uncle Yap says:

    Why are there so few responses to FT blogs?

    I asked this question for my Monday FT blog which only appear ten days after the puzzle and someone said that by that time, everybody would have forgotten the answers.

    Monk on Wednesday is current and yet there is no response to Gaufrid’s excellent blog of a very delightful Monk’s puzzle.

    May I be permitted to advance another theory …

    the free FT puzzle site at
    only allows you to print an image of the FT puzzle with its small font. Whenever I print the FT puzzle to solve, I find it such a great ordeal to make out the letters (I am over 60 and should be excused for having less-than 20-20 eyesight)

    If I may, please present the on-line version of the FT puzzle in text form so that people like me can copy to another document to enlarge the font (to say 14 point)and solve without tears.

    It is almost a truism that aficionados of cryptic crossword puzzles are old codgers at least half a century old with failing eyesights and for the FT puzzle to be presented in such an optically- challenging way will win it no new friends.

    I hope setters like Dante, Cinephile, Mudd, etc who know the power-that-be at FT can help to convey my suggestion.

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