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Azed 1,914 Leers Laen

Posted by tilsit on February 13th, 2009


Apologies for the delay.  i had been waiting for someone to put me wise on formatting, but I haven’t heard anything back.

This was quite a tough challenge and took me about four hours over a couple of days to crack.  Letters Latent is one of the more elegant devices used in advanced cryptics and this was no exception.  I have some queries about a couple of solutions, especially 12 across, and would welcome your comments.


Each clue comprises a definition and the subsidary indications lead to the answer with a letter removed wherever it occurs in the solution.  The missing letters usually spell a quotation when taken in order.

For example, in 1 across, the definition leads to “TITTLE TATTLING” but the subsidiaries lead to ILEALING.  

In this puzzle the latent letters spell out a quotation from Coventry Patmore, which is not a British handball team, but an eminent author and poet.  It is from his poem Saint Valentine’s Day and can be found here:-


“Vestal” was the word for the monthly clue-writing contest.  The quote was tough to find and verify, as Azed had told us it was only in ODQ2.  I found TH*SOLEMN fairly easily and kept googling “THE SOLEMN” to no avail – rather stupidly as I had worked out that 10 across was EAGLE RAY and entered “AGLERAYS” incorrectly!  Eventually I saw VESTAL FEBRUARY and googled with those words and got the quote. 

With apologies for the formatting, here we go!

Grid entry comes first, with the complete answer following in brackets.


1   ILEALING (TITTLETATTLING)  I + LEAL (old-fashioned word for true) + anag of GIN

TOLE (THOLE)  LOT (rev) + E

10  EAGLERAS (EAGLERAYS)   Anag of LARGE in anag of SEA

11  ORORIE (SORORISE)  R (for Rule) inside OORIE (Scots word for dreary)

12 NESIT (NESIOT)  ??? This clue confused me –  Indonesian is surely the definition, not old taken from it gives NESIT but I can’t find a word which in effect is an anagram of NESIOT meaning fit.  I wondered if Azed was clueing NOESIS.  Can anyone else help?

14  OADSTONE (LOADSTONE)  D (Died) inside OAST + ONE

16  DVST (DEVEST) S (Shakespeare’s leading character) inside  DVT – Having been the victim of one, I thought that a DVT (Deep Veined Thrombosis) was a clot rather than the “cause of a clot”.

17  CALER (CALMER)  Hidden answer   “tropical erica”.



23 TANNR (TANNER)  NN (Names) inside TAR (Jack)  – HIDES HIS BUSINESS (definition of TANNER)  Great clue.

26  VEST (AVESTA)  The AVESTA are the holy scripturesof the Zoroastrians.  VEST ca mean to secure legally as in a charge.


30 REAIL (RETAIL)  E (energy) inside RAIL


32 SECTRISE (SECTORISE)   IS inside anagram of SECRET

33 SAKE (SHAKE)  Nice concise clue with double definition.

34 MNGDDESS  (MOON GODDESS)  NG (No Good) + DD (Theologian “Doctor of Divinity”) inside MESS


IBOOD (ILL BLOOD)  Clever clue.  Azed is telling you that the answer should reflect the indication, s here I VOIC’D =  I BOO’D.


EXODST (EXODIST)  X (unknown) OD (Overdose) inside EST (is from France).

AIRS  (AIRNS)  Double definition –  AIRNS =  Scots word for Iron(s).

LEITY (LEVITY)  Hidden answer  “Title it yes”

NGINDRVR (ENGINE DRIVER)  Anagram of RIDING inside NV (Nevada) + R

7  TEERACT  (TESSERACT)  EER (always) inside TACT 

8  ORSEL  (TORSEL)  Anagram of ROLES

ESTWRDS  (EASTWARDS)  TW (Pair, mostly) inside anagram of DRESS

13  IFEESSNESS  (LIFELESSNESS)  Anagram of FEES inside anagram of SESSION minus O

15  OREORDAIN (FOREORDAIN)  RE inside anagram of ON RADIO

18  OSTLRSS (OSTLERESS)    LR (Both hands) + S (start to shake) inside anag of TOSS

20  ARNAITE (BARNABITE)    AN reversed inside A RITE

22  SETFEE (SET FREE)   Reverse of EFT inside SEE (meaning to judge)

24  NTACK  (UNTACK)  Another amusing clue –  Reverse of CAT inside NK  (middle of blankets)


27  TECES  (TERCES)    E inside reverse of SECT

29  IELD (YIELD)  Anagram of DELI


And so, the sun sets on another entertaining Azed solve.  See you in six/seven weeks!

6 Responses to “Azed 1,914 Leers Laen”

  1. Matthew says:

    I thought this was very fun.

    12ac was the last clue I solved since I was “sure” that “not old” was a direction to remove O from something.

    not old=NE and fit=SIT

  2. Mick Masters says:

    I had to give up on this after I’d convinced myself that 21 across was MITREJOINTS – T (not SCARFJOINTS – F). I guess MIRES is a bit tenuous for Marks of damage. You live and learn !

  3. Mick Masters says:

    doh ! If it was MITREJOINTS – T the second T would also come out. First time I’ve tried one of these ‘letters latent’.

  4. Wil Ransome says:

    Am I missing something in the title? Shouldn’t it be Leers Laen?

    Formatting: Do you have the Biddlecombe template, which works a treat?

  5. tilsit says:

    You’re right, Wil

    Duly amended!

  6. Roger Hughes says:

    Re Azed 1914, you asked if anyone could help with 12 across (“Indonesian, not old, fit”, solution: nesiot/nesit). It was the last clue I solved in this particular puzzle, and because it was the very last, I kept on beavering away till it made sense. Nesiot means Indonesian; “ne” is an obsolete (hence old) word meaning “not”; in Chambers, one of the definitions for “sit” is, believe it or not, “fit” (I suppose the sense is that if something sits well in its surroundings, it fits with them). So it’s a perfectly good clue, as Azed’s usually are. I find that when his clues infuriate me it’s almost always my fault – though not quite always, because he does make the occasional mistake. Hope this helps.

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