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Enigmatic Variations No. 848 – Substitution by Raich

Posted by Gaufrid on February 13th, 2009


There is no point in repeating or paraphrasing the preamble here because solvers and any other interested parties will have already read it. I made slow but steady progress with this puzzle though a few clues were solved only after determining the quotation given by the extra letters. Finding the originator of the quote in the grid was no problem but locating the word to be substituted took a little longer because, though I scanned the grid for ‘B’s, I initially missed the one at 26.

The extra letters in the wordplay spelt out HISLONGESTSUICIDENOTETORYWORKREVEALO which gives the quotation ‘longest suicide note in history’ and a cryptic definition of ‘Labour Manifesto’ (work reveal o).

The title of this manifesto was ‘New Hope for Britain’ which gives the necessary substitution. In the final grid, ‘Britain’ appeared diagonally starting at 26 and this is changed to ‘new hope’ to form new words for 32a, 35a, 38a, 42a, 46a, 26d, 39d and 43d.

The originator of the quotation was Gerald Kaufman and his surname was also to be highlighted in the grid. It starts at 6 and progresses in a south-easterly direction.

I assume it is purely coincidental that one of the answers after the substition has been made (32a, Eurus) is the name of a south-easterly wind which is the direction in which the two items to be highlighted also run.

*(XXX) – anagram
[x] – removed
{x} – removed from answer before grid entry
<XXX> answer before substitution

1 MID-WEEK  *(MI[l]K-WEED) – ‘Friends’ refers to Quakers
7 TEMPOS  {h}EMP in SOT (old fool) reversed
13 SEAR  S (soprano) EAR (attention)
14 ANAS  AN AS{s} – Mr Bumble originally said “the law is a ass, a idiot”
15 ALEE  AL{l}EE (avenue)
16 TANTRA  ANT (soldier) {o}R (soldiers) in TA (military force)
17 AFAR  A RAF (force) reversed
18 OOSY *(YO{n} SO)
19 EPEE  E (earl) PE{g} (harpoon) E (English)
21 TEMPT  TE{e}M (bear) PT (past)
22 IGAD  I G[rimace] {s}AD (deplorable)
24 REEVE  dd
27 ARYAN  AR{t} (skill) NAY (no) reversed
29 REIN  RE{s}IN (sap extract)
30 PAPE  PA{u}PE[r] (one charity)
32 EURUS <RURUS> RU (game) {i}R (Irish) US (American) – mopoke, a type of owl native to Australia and New Zealand. As ‘ruru’ is a Maori word the clue should really have been NZ rather than Oz.
35 DWANE <DIANE>  DI (investigator) A{c}NE (spots)
36 BATS  BA{i}TS (harasses)
37 ORATE  OR (men) {d}ATE (become old-fashioned)
38 SHEW <STEW>  dd
39 BRAY  B{e}[t]RAY (shop)
40 ACER  CA{n} (is able) reversed ‘ER (Cockney girl)
45 ETEN  alternate letters in ‘bEsT mEaNt’
46 CHAP <CHAI>  {o}CH (Scots tut) A (about) I (independent)
48 ROOT  O (ordinary) in {t}ROT (left-winger)
49 BED-ROLL  BE{e} (gathering) DROLL (odd)
50 SOOGEE  *(E[venter] GOES {t}O)

2 IDEA  IDE[m] (the same) A
3 DHANSAK  H (hot) in DAN (proficient sportsman) S{o}AK (wet) – an Indian dish of meat or vegetables cooked with lentils.
4 WARTY  RT (right) in WAY (condition)
5 EON  E{r} (queen) ON (close to)
6 KARB  BARK (cough) reversed
7 TASTE  TA{y} (Scottish river) STE[m] (docked stalk)
8 ELUATE  ELU[cid]ATE (make clear)
9 PALAMAE  PA{w} (hand) L (lecturer) AM (American) AE (aged)
10 OVERPAINT  PAIN (penalty) in OVERT (public)
12 CAR  C (college) AR{r} (arrives)
15 AFEARED  A (amateur) *(FARED)
19 ERA  ER{k} (aircraftsman) A
20 PERU  PER (a) U (university)
25 EYRA  hidden in ‘vE{r}Y RAre’
26 NEATEN <BEATEN>  BEA (girl) TE{e}N (injury) –
28 AUNE  AUNT (relative) with T changed to E (English)
33 SEW  *(SWE{e}[p])
34 VARIOLA  A R{a} (a painter) in VIOLA (fiddle)
35 DERIDE  RED (old squadron) reversed ID{l}E (lazy)
38 SUCRE  C{o} (Columbia) in SURE (safe)
39 BOREE <BORNE>  BOR (neighbour) NE[t] (almost clear)
41 MHOS  *(H-[b]OM[b]S)
43 VPL <VIL>  VIL[ify] (disparage) – I liked the use of ‘Hamlet’ in the definition which had me initially trying to justify ‘Hal’ as the answer. The final grid entry is a rather unusual abbreviation and one I haven’t met before but it is in Chambers.
44 DOUR  D (daughter) OUR (my, as spoken by the Queen)
47 ALI  ALI[t] (landed)

3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No. 848 – Substitution by Raich”

  1. tilsit says:

    A terrific puzzle from Raich who is becoming one of the setters who merit the title of “Must Solve”.

    An unusual theme which led to a superb denouement.

    More please!

  2. Jim T says:

    Really enjoyed this puzzle – excellent clues and a lot of variety. Didn’t know beforehand it was Kaufman’s quote.

  3. Raich says:

    Many thanks for blog and comments. You’re quite right, the appearance of EURUS was pure coincidence.

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