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Financial Times 13,000 / Satori

Posted by Gaufrid on February 13th, 2009


I thought we might be in for a hard time today what with this being puzzle number 13,000 and it being Friday the 13th but no, the only problem seems to be the absence of the scheduled blogger. Another enjoyable FT puzzle with some pleasing clues, though 30a may have flummoxed those who haven’t met this device before.

1 RESIST  IS in REST (what’s left)
9 PLANET  LANE (way) in PT (exercises)
10 HOWITZER  homophone of ‘how (the way in which) it’s a’
12 DELIVERY  DELI (food shop) VERY (real)
13 AGENDA  A homophone of ‘gender’ (sex)
15 YAWN  N (new) WAY (road) reversed
20 REAM  dd
23 GAGGLE  GAG (pulling of leg) *(LEG)
25 ECLECTIC  L (line) in EC EC (two cities) CIT[y] reversed
27 AROMATIC  A ROMA[n]TIC (a dreamer)
28 STUCCO  CUTS (reductions) reversed CO (company)
29 DILATORY  LID (cover) reversed A TORY (a Conservative)
30 TWELVE  30 ÷ 2½ = 12

1 RAPIDLY  RAP (talk) IDLY (in vain way)
2 SCALLYWAG  C (caught) ALLY (cohort) in SWAG (loot)
3 SHEAVE  HE (that man) in SAVE (rescue)
5 ALOE  [minn]EOLA reversed
6 SMIDGEON  MIDGE (fly) in SON (boy)
7 COZEN  DOZEN (30) with the initial letter changed to the preceding one
8 MORDANT  *(RANDOM) T (time)
11 TRANCHE  H (heroin) in TRANCE (ecstatic state)
14 PADDOCK  PAD (home) DOCK (weed)
18 STALWART  *(LAW) in START (begin)
19 NIGGARD  DRAGGIN[g] reversed
21 MICROBE  ROB (loot) in MICE (vermin)
22 BESTOW  hidden in ‘baBES TO Whom’
24 GROWL  GR (Greek) OWL (bird)
26 PIER  PI[p]ER

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,000 / Satori”

  1. ACP says:

    Yep, didn’t know what 30ac was all about.
    My reasoning was ‘over’ meant ‘reverse’, ‘two’ 2, ‘and a half’ (of two) 1. So 2,1 reversed is 12.

    Never seen this device before.

  2. C.G. Rishikesh says:


    I don’t know what Gaufrid thinks, but your justification appears to me to be acceptable – it’s so simple without one having to look at the clue number and without having to do any calculation.

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