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Independent N0 6969 by Math

Posted by NealH on February 16th, 2009


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

After a lot of quite difficult puzzles recently, it was nice to have something relatively straightforward. I even had time to look for the NINA, which appears across the top and the right hand side, with a mirror image on the other side. The only clue I was slightly dubious about was 15 across.

7 Oracle: [C]oracle.
8 Meat Loaf: Oaf after metal*.
9 Watchers: I think this is a hom. of “watcha”, which some people might use as a greeting, and “‘s”.
10 Sappho: Oh (my as an exclamation) + P + pa’s, reversed.
11 Tyke: double def – tyke is a term for a yorkshireman and also a cheeky boy.
12 Northerner: North + sixth letter of diamonds between two ERs.
14 Dative: It in Dave.
15 Egests: Hom of “he jests”. I wasn’t completely convinced by using ‘eard to indicate dropping the h from he, but the definition was excellent.
18 Re-emerging: (Green grime)*.
20 Lust: Hidden in “tell us to”.
22 Orally: O + rally.
24 Furbelow: Fur + below. A furbelow is a trimming on a garment.
25 Federate: (Free trade – r)*.
26 Angelo: Hidden in Orange lodge.
1 Dreamy: Dre + Amy. This would be a tricky one for people who are completely out of touch with modern celebrity culture. The rapper is Dr Dre and the other entry is of course Amy Winehouse, who started off as a singer but seems to be more of a celebrity trainwreck these days.
2 Ice Chest: Ice + Chest (necklace’s backdrop).
3 Never never: Nerve nerve with the two Rs moved down. HP refers to Hire Purchase, a pre-credit card way of borrowing money, rather than HP sauce.
4 Nabs: Ab in NS.
5 Eloper: (Rep + ELO)<. Quite a lot of musical stuff today – ELO are a band (Electric Light Orchestra). Wearing is usually used to indicate containment but it here it appears to be used to mean “on” i.e on top of.
6 Rashness: (SN Shares)*.
8 Misery: Miser[l]y.
13 High German: Higher man around g.
14 Drearier: DR around rear + ie.
16 Solfeggi: (if legs go)*.
17 Piffle: Pile around f f.
19 Mallee: (Eel + lam)<.
21 Should: Should[er].
23 Yuan: Odd letters of “you earn”.

9 Responses to “Independent N0 6969 by Math”

  1. Richard says:

    A nice puzzle, and, as you say, a lot easier than most of those which have appeared recently in the Independent. For 15ac, I assume you mean “jests”, rather than “gests”. Thanks for explaining the “Dre” in 1dn – I didn’t know this, although I’d guessed the answer was “dreamy”.

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    In 25 you have a typo, the anag is less one R.

    I wonder who the dinner was for and whether it was on the 14th?

  3. Puck says:

    Now that it’s well past the watershed… and at the risk of seeing innuendo where there is none… is there perhaps an intended connection between the Nina (Dinner for Two twice) and the number of the puzzle? If so, well cheeky! If not, a fun coincidence for the open-minded….and apologies in advance in case anyone is offended!

    Whatever, I did enjoy this puzzle. I liked both 12ac and 15ac, and Dr Dre was somewhere at the back of my memory for 1dn. However I didn’t know ‘mallee’ at 19dn, so I have another word in the memory banks, for now at least.

  4. nmsindy says:

    I’ll have to admit that thought occurred to me too, but I decided not to mention it at lunchtime…

  5. Wil Ransome says:

    I didn’t like “Greeting’s” in 9ac, although I suppose it is just about OK. Why not simply “Greetings”?

    5dn provides a new wordplay meaning of ‘wearing’. ‘A wearing B’ should in my opinion mean that A is inside B, like the wearer of an overcoat, but it also is sometimes used to mean that A is outside B, by some logic that I don’t quite follow. Now we have ‘A is below B in a down clue’. Whatever next?

  6. Allan_C says:

    Didn’t get 1 dn or 19d. But a great clue for 22a!

  7. Colin Blackburn says:

    5dn. A earring is worn below the ear. Okay it’s attached but for a pendant earring the important bit sits below the ear.

    Nina: I don’t notice the puzzle numbers generally, and particularly as I do the puzzle online, so thanks for pointing that out. I think you are probably right.

  8. Colin Blackburn says:

    And as for, “Whatever next?” A at is worn on top of the head!

  9. Colin Blackburn says:

    I’m sorry, I’ll read that again (damn keyboard!): A hat is worn on top of the head.

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