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Financial Times 12,995 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on February 19th, 2009

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of February 7
A typically delicious Cincinnus this time with a few fine clues (20A, 26A, 1D).

1. GORE VIDAL – GORE (green campaigner) + anagram of VALID
6. TOPIC – TO (to) + PI (constant) + C[hange]
9. SWINDLE – S (singular) + WIND (turn) + LE (the French)
10. MINORCA – MINOR (child legally) + AC (across) backwards
11. ODIUM – [p]ODIUM
12. SWITCH OFF – SWITCH (rod) + OFF (out of form)
14. ERG – [cobble]R in EG (say)
17. HARUM SCARUM – which rhymes
19. MAD – DAM (block) backwards
20. SERENGETI – anagram of SITE GREEN
22. EGRET – reverse hidden word
24. ALBENIZ – BEN (Jonson) in A LIZ (a female). This was probably the most difficult clue for me. I think I had heard of Albeniz before but was certainly not familiar with the name.
26. LOOSELY – LOOS (battle) + ELY (cathedral)
27. SATAY – A (first class) in STAY (tarry)
28. DAY RETURN – anagram of UNDER TRAY

1. GUSTO – G[l]U[m]S[i]T[c]O[m]
2. RAILING – double definition
3. VADE MECUM – anagram of DAVE + E[ton] C[ollege] in MUM (mother). I was very aware of there being a term “vade mecum” but did not know what it meant until I looked it up for this clue.
4. DRESS CIRCLE – DRESS (curry) + CIRCLE (round)
5. LUM – initial letters
6. TONIC – double definition
7. PERGOLA – PER (???) + A LOG (a bit of wood) backwards. Does “made” clue PER?
8. COALFIELD – ALFIE (boy) in COLD (chilly)
13. IMPARTIALLY – I’M (Cincinnus is) + PARTIALLY (not entirely)
14. EPHESIANS – anagram of A SHIP SEEN
16. NUMBER ONE – double definition
18. RAREBIT – RA (Royal Artillery) + RE (Royal Engineers) + BIT (sank teeth into)
19. MORCEAU – homophone (“more so”). Like most people, probably, I got this easily because I know the word from French. Collins confirms that it is also fine in English.
21. NANCY – double definition
23. TRY ON – TR[ousers] + YON (over there)
25. ZED – cryptic definition

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,995 by Cincinnus”

  1. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    7d: Cincinnus seems to ignore the component PER altogether. Hence the question mark.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    7d by = through = per

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