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FT 13,006/Alberich

Posted by smiffy on February 20th, 2009


As usual, Alberich dishes up a healthy dollop of clues where the surfaces are uncannily natural (14A, 15D and 19D being today’s exemplars). However, overall, I couldn’t help but feel that this pudding was a tad over-egged with puns. Maybe it’s the abundance of homophone-type clues (especially the more subjective elements in 12A and 17D) which left me with that impression.

12 PICCOLO – homophone of “pick a low”
13 PIG’S EAR – Homophone of “Pigs ‘ere”
14 DORIC – rod(rev) +c[onsidered] outside of I.  An “order” in the architectural sense.
16 LAND,GRAVE – This title and it’s close peer, Margrave, are always worth stashing away in the memory banks.  German aristocratic ranks of yesteryear are one of those obscure categories that seem to crop up with peculiar frequency in daily puzzles.
19 ARMSTRONG – Two thumbs up from me for this one. It’s St. in arm + “wrong”
20 EVOKE – ok in eve
22 TESSERA – T + esse +RA
27 ESMERELDA – re: the object of Quasimodo’s desire. ‘The Bells!…The Bells!…’
28 OLIVE – Punning on zero live (=”all dead”).
29 SINGLE BREASTED – I take this as a reference to Amazons’ sartorial skimpiness (which, if memory serves, was reputedly a practical design to improve their archery?)

2 INDECORUM – (ruined + com…)*
3 HIP(P)O – The “in” of “wallows in” seems a tad superfluous.
4 IMBROGLIO – I’m + r in (Biolog)*
5 GLOOP – G+pool(rev)
6 PEDAGOGUE – PE + agog in due. A surface reading that put me in mind of Brian Glover’s bullying teacher in Kes.
7 IRATE – [P]irate. Re: Long John Silver
8 EUTERPE – (repute)* + E. One of the Muses.
15 CATHEDRAL – Cat +(heard)* + l.  Cat for “man” strikes me as very “Jazz Club” (from The Fast Show).
17 NIGHTMARE – homophone of Knight + Mayor
18 ABORIGINE – I + gin in (a bore)
19 ACTRESS – C[helsea) in a tress
21 EAGLET – [b]Eagle + [hun]T
23 SIMON – Two Gallic elements in combo: si (“yes”) + mon (“mine”)
26 CROSS ([e]SCOR[t] + S*)

2 Responses to “FT 13,006/Alberich”

  1. nmsindy says:

    This was the toughest FT puzzle by Alberich that I can recall doing – tho I solved it OK, was not aware of some of the references till coming here. Must admit I first wrote in DOUBLE-BREASTED for 29 across… Favourite clue, TICKING.

  2. brenda says:

    29a, not sartorial but bodily–their right breasts were excised or cauterised in order to improve their archery.

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