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FT 13,010/Dogberry

Posted by smiffy on February 25th, 2009


Unless my mind if failing me once more it’s been a case of  “long time/no see” from Dogberry.  Regardless, I found this puzzle typically 25A.

1 FORELOCK – cole(rev) in fork.  Sounds like a messy venture.
5 ASLEEP – lee in asp
10 ASCOT – Andrew Murray being, literally, a Scot.  Although, I suppose it could also be read more tentatively as A + Murray (first name) typically being a Scotsman.
11 ALLEVIATE – Ella (F.) rev + (Evita)*
12 CONTRALTO – co(NT,R)al + to
13 T,ITCH – “22” here being a clue cross-reference, unlike the numbers in the latter down clues.
14 FILLE,T – Fr for “girl”.
15 DR,EDGER – this one misled me for longer than I’d care to admit.
18 BLETHER – B[loke] + let her. At the risk of laying myself open to accusations of male chauvinism, I enjoyed the surface reading here.
20 BEHOLD – double def’n (I assume?).
22 TITAN – Another surface reading in the same vein as 18?
24 CAVALCADE – a+L+cad in Cave (Latin version of “Watch out!”, probably last used by public schoolboys c. 1958.)
25 CONVIVIAL – iV in Volcani[-c]*
26 REIGN – reignite – I,te
27 ENERGY – (green)* + Y. Sounds like an even messier venture than 1A…
28 MEANNESS – Anne in mess

1 FIANCE – finance – n
2 RECONDITE – [s]econd in rite.
3 LATERAL THINKING – Don;t think I’ve ever encountered al clued as “the Arabic” before.  Later + al + thin king.
4 CHAPLET – p in chalet.
6 SAVE THE CHILDREN – (vice shelter + hand)*. A decent &lit attempt, although the necessary linking word “to” makes it seem a tad forced or over-engineered.
7 ENACT – T,caner(rev)
8 PLETHORA – Thor in plea. A well-spotted structure.
9 ALMOND – (Old man)*
16 GALVANISE  – van + is in gale
17 OBSTACLE. cats(rev) in [n]oble. A well-deserved question mark for to our bizarro surface reading of the day (possibly the month?).
20 BIVALVE – V + viable)*
21 TENNIS – Northern Ireland (six counties) in TENS
23 tingE – hidden.

11 Responses to “FT 13,010/Dogberry”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid – thanks for the blog.

    I really enjoyed this. DREDGER was almost my last entry, too, and I still don’t really like creeper = edger. I can’t really see 20ac, either.

    Otherwise, I thought there were some great clues, such as 27ac, 2dn, 17dn – and 16dn, which I loved [a clue of the ‘love ’em or hate ’em’ type]

    I do agree with you about 18ac but think you’re stretching it rather in your interpretation of 22ac!

    13ac: I actually did interpret this by analogy with the down clues: ‘origin of twenty two’s’!

  2. agentzero says:

    Hello Gaufrid and Eileen.

    I noticed that in 1d “the name-dropping business” can be read as having two senses: not only does it signify FINANCE minus N, but it could refer to the act of marriage to which the fiance is committed (because marriage often leads to one spouse taking the other’s name).

    Still mystified by 20a.

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Re comments #1 and #2. It was smiffy’s blog not mine!

    Eileen, I don’t follow your comment about 22a, nor smiffy’s original blog. It is simply TIT (bird) AN.

    Agentzero, 20a mystifies me as well with regard to the ‘what?’.

  4. Eileen says:

    Sorry, Smiffy [and Gaufrid] – I thought, ‘It’s Wednesday, it must be Gaufrid’!

    Agentzero: I had exactly the same thought as you re FIANCE! [Although the name-dropping doesn’t always apply, especially these days.]

    Gaufrid; I simply meant that I didn’t read anything other than your interpretation into 22ac and couldn’t see what Smiffy was implying.

  5. smiffy says:

    Hi Eileen,

    Cheers for the feedback – particularly as, with hindsight, it appears that I was a little stingier than intended with the plaudits today (I also didn’t noticed the ambiguity in 13A).

    Gaufrid will be picking up the blogging reins again tomorrow and Friday (I usurped his usual spot today).

  6. Neo says:

    20ac I’ve a feeling contains a printing error.

    If the word ‘what’ were in bold type, we might conclude that it represents EH in BOLD.

    (Just a theory, you understand.)

  7. Eileen says:

    Neo; and an excellent one – but what a dreadful mistake, if so!

  8. Neo says:

    Apparently, it can be quite difficult to append such instructions to the file that’s sent out. And once gone from the ed’s grasp, anything can happen!

  9. smiffy says:

    I’m another fan of your theory, Neo. Thanks, as that “what” had been silently bugging me all day.

    Gaufrid: to clarify my blog comment on 22A. I was playfully suggesting that the clue might be appreciated (like 18A) by the sexists of this world. As Eileen gently pointed out, that’s a bit tenuous. I should try to contain my innuendo-detecting skills to the realms of Cyclops/Private Eye.

  10. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    Re Neo #8

    How true! Once a clue of mine needed some such instruction. I added a PS on hard copy; as I happened to work then in the very newspaper that published the crossword, I went to the section the previous evening and checked the proof myself to ensure that the instruction had been carried out. I slept well that night but the next morning as I opened the paper and saw the crossword… someone at some stage had authorisedly or unauthorisedly intervened and messed it up! The morning did not seem bright anymore.

  11. Will says:

    Yes that was my hypothesis for 20ac as well. Liked this crossword – I’m sure I’ve never done a Dogberry before.

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