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Independent 6977 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on February 25th, 2009


Not too difficult, I found, solving time 22 mins.

* = anagram    < = reversed


1 OPUS     hidden

4 Long John SILVER WAR E

10 LE AN-T O    Collins confirms it can be a roof as well as a shed

11 BILL (Clinton)  YO (as, in ‘Yo, Blair’ when Bush and he were in Russia, if I recall)   Definition ‘very much’.   Collins confirms it can be spelt without a hyphen

12 EDGEHILL   (I held leg)*     English Civil War


15 (u)SURER

16 C(H) ART    Spent too long thinking the vehicle must be ‘car’

17 BEST OWER   Favourite clue, though a nit-picker might suggest it should be ‘worst ower’!

19 NOBLEMAN   m in (Lebanon)*

20 B (E’ER)-UP   Australian slang, new to me, that I worked out from the wordplay .   ‘Rowdy’  suggested an anagram, though ‘pub’ is just reversed.

22 A GAR A GAR   As an experienced solver got this straight away though I’ve never come across it or its wordplay components in ‘real life’

23 PEDESTRIAN    Excellent double definition

24 TIER   Robert “Tear”


2 PROV (IS) O (st)

3 SHIRLEY MACLAINE  (Archie – silly name)*    Weak on films, but I’d heard of her.

4 SCH MO   US usage

5 LAP HELD    pal<       Another name for a ‘laptop’ computer i.e. PC


7 WEATHER FORECAST   (Two teachers fear)*


14 ESTA (MINE) T(e)

16 C (HORAL) E

17 BEN (GAL) I (n)

18 EMU LATE    ape (vb)

20 BRA (W)N   w = with

4 Responses to “Independent 6977 by Dac”

  1. Daleswoman says:

    22a Agar-agar – I believe used by vegetarians to make jellied desserts as, unlike the branded ones available in the supermarkets, it contains no animal product.

  2. idantlol says:

    You missed out 9 across: polish up

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    Two things struck me about this: the totally brilliant 20dn, which left a slight doubt since I wasn’t sure that bran was cereal, but it is, so the clue is the best of the week in my opinion. And I wasn’t very happy with ‘unrestricted’ to mean ‘curtailed’ in 14dn.

  4. Allan_C says:

    I agree with Wil about ‘unrestricted’. I think it should indicate removal of first and last letters rather than mere curtailment.

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