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Financial Times 13,012 / Sleuth

Posted by Gaufrid on 27th February 2009


A relatively gentle end to the working week. Nothing obscure apart from, possibly, the Spanish poet and dramatist at 24a and the Italian frothy custard at 14d. There was a strong temptation to enter ‘gesticulating’ for 8d but then 26a would have been impossible to solve. I liked the misdirection in 19d because ‘pink’ originally had me thinking about carnations but I’m not sure I’m too happy with the use of ‘obscured’ as an anagram indicator in 15a.

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Beelzebub 992 (22/02/09)

Posted by Simon Harris on 27th February 2009

Simon Harris.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

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Independent 6979 – Phi

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 27th February 2009

Ciaran McNulty.

My first venture into blogging about the Independent, and an enjoyable puzzle to start with! Plenty of good surfaces and not too many unfamiliar words (1dn and 23ac being the only times I had to reach for the dictionary).

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Independent 6974/Nestor (Prize puzzle 21-02-09)

Posted by neildubya on 27th February 2009


Top-notch puzzle from Nestor which, annoyingly, I was unable to finish. I really should be able to get 3 as it’s only a short word but 6 is more of a mystery. Any enlightenment received with gratitude. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,634/Arachne

Posted by Andrew on 27th February 2009


A mostly enjoyable and not-difficult-for-a-Friday puzzle. A couple of strange clues with obscure but irrelevant references (10ac, 7dn) and a couple of weaknesses (18ac,9dn) Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 112 Bottoms Up by Loda

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 27th February 2009

Colin Blackburn.

Even more minimal blog as I’m on holiday. I’ve not commented on the clues but as usual Loda’s clues were very good, except 13 where there is either a mistake or I’m missing something.

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Enigmatic Variations 850: Bells by Gioconda

Posted by Dave Hennings on 27th February 2009

Dave Hennings.

Subsidiary indications in 32 clues lead to extra letters which spell out a novel and its author. The remaining ten clues lack definitions and, either alone or paired, are thematic. 22A is a character from the novel. It all sounded very straightforward, and indeed it was. The unclued entries didn’t mean much to me until (Lord) PETER WIMSEY began to materialise at 22A. I then saw that the extra letters that I had gave enough of a clue to THE NINE TAILORS DOROTHY LEIGH SAYERS, a book I hadn’t read (but am in the process of reading now). I knew it was about bell-ringing (so the title of the puzzle wasn’t very cryptic) and I guessed the thematic entries must be bells featured in the story. An Internet search enabled me to confirm this.

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