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FT 13,014 – Crux

Posted by Uncle Yap on March 12th, 2009

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 2 March 2009
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

Help needed to parse 4A. 28A

1 CALMER Sounds like Karma
4 ABSENTEE What a delightful cd
9 INNER Target of a dart player or an archer
11 COSIEST Cha of Co (company or business) Siesta minus a
13 IRIS Irish minus h
14 FORENSIC *(fir cones)
17 ELEVENTH Allusion to the 11th hour
19 GNAW Acrostic
22 HERETIC Cha of Her + Etic (rev of cite or name)
24 ON TRIAL dd
25 COCK-A-HOOP Cock (bird) A Hoop (rev of Winnie the Pooh)
26 OWING O (old) Wing (part og house)
27 SERENADE Ins of AD (anno domini, our time) in Serene (composed)
28 PEANUT Cha of PE (exercise) *(aunt) Why is peanut lethal?
Exercise by tipsy aunt could be lethal

1 CHIN-CHIN What a lovely picture of a fat man with double chin
3 EARNER (L) earner
5 BIRDS NEST SOUP Allusion to the popular Chinese dish made from the linings on the nests of birds like swifts and swallows
6 EQUIPES Cha of Equip (provide) E S (east south, two points)
n (in motor-racing and other sports) a team.
7 THEME The ME (middle letters of Cpmedy)
8 ENMESH *(she men)
10 WITH ONE ACCORD *(town coach ride)
16 TWILIGHT Ins of WIL (l) in Tught (drunk) I have always wrongly thought that twilight refers to the evening but Chambers included the dawn as well
18 ENTRAIN ENT *(ten) + Rain )water)
20 CHECKS dd
21 AT-HOME Not what I would call a great clue as I do not seem to understand the significance of “The party that’s …”
23 RACER R (right) Acer (tree)

a href=’’s_nest_soup’>Chinese dish </a>

7 Responses to “FT 13,014 – Crux”

  1. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    28a: The packing material made of polysterene is called PEANUT. Another word for the same is ‘pellet’ (which could be lethal. All this seems to be rather tenuous and written in trying to worm into the compiler’s mind.

  2. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    21d: I have seen invitations of people inviting friends to AT-HOME – which means a party.

    A truly British practice/usage, I think.

    The expression is not used in India but I knew it from my father’s books on English usage scattered around our house.

  3. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    16: TWILIGHT. I too like you was surprised when I stumbled upon the ‘dawn’ sense of this word in the same dictionary once long ago. In India people always use it to refer to the evening. I await comments from native speakers of the language.

  4. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    You have written: Help needed to parse 4A. 28A

    But I think you subsequently understood and saw the beauty in 4A but failed to alter the above.

    I saw your answer and then the clue in the puzzle. Just a few moments of thinking – actually rereading the clue – and I got it!

  5. Uncle Yap says:

    Rishi and Neil and Gaufrid

    That is what I hate about the new-style FifteenSquared blog space. I cannot see sny “Save” button and for FT, I normally go in and edit and amend and change about 5 or 6 times BUT now I am never sure whether the changes I made would ever be saved.

    “Help needed to parse 4A. 28A” was from my first draft and since then much water has flowed but the blog site still cannot reveal a visible “save” button for me to press whenever I make a change during the ten days between publication of the puzzle and publication of my blog.

    Neil and Geoff, please fix the blog site so it is as friendly as the last time before we switched over to the “improved version” that never was

    Half the time, I cannot read what I have written previously because some other thingee comes over and blocks off the right hand bit of my scripts.

  6. Fletch says:

    28a: Some people have nut allergies which can prove fatal. In the UK many processed foods are labelled that they may contain traces of nut.

  7. Eileen says:

    Uncle Yap: you couldn’t be expected to know this but here in the UK we have a very long-running radio show called ‘The Archers’, in which the pub is ‘The Bull’, hence the capitals in the clue for 9ac.

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