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Independent 6,990 by Morph

Posted by Simon Harris on March 12th, 2009

Simon Harris.

A mixed week for me here. A handful of very good clues, some others (especially the dds) which I could take or leave, and a few I can’t fully explain. There’s a “cattle” theme going on too, of course. Over to you.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

7 CATTLE GRID – CAT + (LEG “getting stuck in” DIRT<).
9 BEEF – B + FEE<.
10 FRETTED – dd.
11 FETISH – I think this is F[-avourite] + ET + I SH[-owed].
12 SKYWAY – SWAY “about” KY.
13 BULLS-EYE – (BUY + SELL + E)*.
18 EYE-SALVE – A LEVE[-l] “to include” YES.
20 ESKIMO – [-h]E’S KIM + O.
21 PLENUM – PLUM “about” [-ag]EN[-da].
23 RAREBIT – R + BARE* + IT.
24 MOOD – .
2 STEELWORKS – hom. of “steal works”.
3 NEATLY – dd.
4 BRED – hom. of “bread”.
8 DEFILED – dd.
13 BRACE – I’m assuming BR + ACE, but “BR” for “contract bridge” would be new to me and I can’t find a source for it.
14 STRIKE BACK – SLAP<. It took me a while, but fair play, this is excellent.
16 BULIMIC – ([-yo]U + I + CLIMB)*.
17 BUM STEER – dd.
19/6 YELLOW JERSEY – dd.
20 EARWAX – I guess this is [-d]EAR + WAX.
22 NODE – “most of modest”?
23 ROWS – ROW + S.

15 Responses to “Independent 6,990 by Morph”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I found this hard. CAL(l)F(SK)IN(d), I think, is CALFSKIN.

  2. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    24a: “made low sound” might give “mooed” which is a homophone of MOOD. But I am unable to relate it to ‘pet’.

  3. Eileen says:

    A pet is a mood: Chambers: ‘a slighted and offended feeling…; the sulks’

  4. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    Turning to Chambers:

    pet n a slighted and offended feeling; a fit of aggrieved sulkiness; the sulks,huff.

    This sense of the word is new for me.

  5. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks Eileen and Rishi, I got as far as “Mooed”, but “pet” had me stumped.

  6. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    As for BR for “contract bridge”.
    Suppose we take ‘contract’ as a verb meaning ‘shorten’, if we ‘contraact bridge’ we might get BR!

  7. Simon Harris says:

    Good point, that does seem plausible in fact.

    I’m still struggling a bit with CALFSKIN, but Niall’s explanation does seem to work, especially CAL[-l] and FIN[-d]. SK for “seek” would also be new to me, but I can believe it.

  8. C.G. Rishikesh says:

    I did not quite understand the anno for CALFSKIN from what is stated above. So I wrote down the clue and then the answer on a piece of paper and worked it out. I am now satisfied:

    Hide and seek ends in discovery almost after stifled shout (8) CAL,F([S(ee)K]IN(d)

    Hide – def
    and – (connector)
    seek ends – that is, ends or edges of ‘seek’ – SK
    in – c/c ind.
    discovery almost – FIN(d)
    after – position ind.
    stifled shout – CAL(l)

  9. Richard Heald says:

    ‘Br.’ as an abbreviation for ‘bridge’ is in Chambers. And S & K are the two ends of ‘SeeK’.

    I thought the theme here was very neat (someone had to say it!), and while I have one or two beefs (ditto) about the cluing, I thought much of it was inspired, particularly the Beatles-themed double def. for FRETTING. And it was good to see the namecheck for Cow and Chicken, easily the best show ever aired on the Cartoon Network!

  10. Ali says:

    Enjoyable as ever from Morph, but I struggled with a few here, largely as I stupidly entered BULIMIA at 16D. Loved the Beatles clue, but still don’t understand NODE?

  11. Richard Heald says:

    22 Dn took me a while to figure out: ‘modest’ with NO DE = ‘most’. Great stuff!

  12. Ali says:

    Ah yes, lovely stuff!

  13. nmsindy says:

    I should have set out the SK more fully in the CALFSKIN explanation at 1, that’s what I had in mind – seek ends = first and last letters.

    Thanks for NODE, that was very good.

  14. Richard says:

    “Node” was the only one I couldn’t get here, and I’m grateful for the explanation. This was a pretty good puzzle.

  15. Allan_C says:

    No time for a load of bull (sorry!) but I liked the clue for FRETTED. There’s a poem by Garcia Lorca which describes the guitar as weeping.

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